The European football season is halfway done and things are getting interesting in the betting markets. Sports betting fans are whetting their appetites as teams at the bottom of different leagues fight hard to avoid relegations, while the top teams fight for the silverware. How easy is it to have a winning strategy in these betting markets? That is a question that many punters ponder as they find mixed success with their betting strategies. Here are a few betting strategies that might change your fortunes this season.

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Matched Bets Strategy 

In matched betting, you bet a team will win on one betting exchange, and bet that the same team will lose on another betting exchange. But there is a catch. Matched betting works when you have free bets. It works for all sports, but it is best when the opponents are equally matched because odds are usually high. 

There are many free bet bonuses on different sportsbooks. Nowadays, you will find welcome bonuses up to 100% of your first deposit. You need a betting exchange for this strategy. You start by using the free bet to place a bet in one outcome, for example, a loss. 
You then do a ‘lay’ bet on another betting exchange. A lay bet goes in the opposite of your first bet. If you had backed a loss, you lay a win, and vice versa. The lay bet covers the back bet. You win regardless of the match outcome. You can use a matched betting calculator to help you determine the stakes for each bet. 

Arbitrage Betting Strategy

This strategy is also called ‘arb’ betting. You will exploit odds differences in different sportsbooks. Bookmakers differ in the speed of changing odds as game factors change. Sometimes these differences are good enough to turn a profit. 

There are a few calculations to make to determine the stake you need for the bets.  There are arb calculators to make these calculations easier. Here is an example of an arb bet:

  • Stake £66.95 for team A at 1.53 = £102.43
  • Stake £33.05 for team B at 3.10 = £102.46

In this example, you will use £100 in staking. One bet will fail, but the other bet will win. Arb betting profits are minimal, but risk free. You could accumulate the bets for bigger profits.

Kelly Criterion Strategy

The Kelly Criterion strategy was adopted from financial markets. You will exploit the variation between odds and probability. What you need to see is the value of the odds. You vary your stake depending on the variation between the odds and probability. 

You will calculate the value of the odds as (odds x probability)-1. Say you have odds of 1.6 and a probability of 20%. Your value is (1.6*0.2) -1 = 0.68.  

The next step is calculating the stake or overlay, which you do as Overlay x (odds – 1). In this example, 0.68/ (1.6-1) = 0.113 or 11.3%. If you have £100, you need to stake £11.3 on your pick.

Odds Boost Strategy 

Bookmakers will often boost odds to attract bettors to that market. You will take advantage of these boosts to make more than you would have with the earlier price. Say a bookmaker boost odd from 2.1 to 2.6, you will have a 0.5 difference. If you planned to stake £100, you will make an extra £50 from the odds boost. 

Unlike arb betting and matched bets, you will sometimes lose boosted odds. Bookmakers won’t raise odds without a reason. You need to know your team and be sure that the outcome you pick will still happen, even with the bookmaker thinking otherwise. 

System Betting Strategy

In this strategy, you will cover your bets with different betting lines. Say you have three betting markets A vs B, C vs D, and E vs F. You could stack these bets in an accumulator bet. But if you lose one, the whole bet slip loses.

A system bet covers all the outcomes in the bets you stack. The example above will give you three double lines. You need to stake on each of these lines. If you need to stake £10, the total will be £30. The advantage here is that if one line loses, you still win the other two lines. 

You can have consistent wins in sports betting if you take the time to refine these strategies. Don’t just gamble. Use one or a combination of these strategies to get more from your bets. 



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