Beginners and experienced ones often make even the most ridiculous mistakes, which make up the lists of top mistakes. But some players “stumble” before they start betting.

First of all, it should be noted that these recommendations are not only for beginners. This also applies to experienced bettors who didn’t pay attention to some of the nuances of the game.

Subtleties of registration

Sometimes the bettor faces a problem at unexpected stages. For example, during registration. That is why you need to understand initially what prohibitions a bookmaker has. For this, you must have a clear understanding of what to indicate in the registration data, in particular, the phone number, citizenship, address. If you indicated the phone number at the bookie, then you should stick to it. Some bookmakers simply won’t give you access to your account or won’t pay your winnings if your data differ from real ones.

Betting Rules

Initially, you should familiarize yourself with the rules for accepting bets and calculating them. This would seem logical and obvious, but many don’t attach any importance to this. And this is a mistake.

In the matter of calculating bets, you need to start with the rules. Almost every bookmaker has nuances and features, which are worth knowing in advance.

Keep in mind that logic and experience don’t always help in betting. The fact is that such an understanding may be different. Besides, the bookmaker can use the human factor for its risk assessment methodology and business model. First of all, it’s worth going through the rules regarding the principles of calculating bets. The interpretation may be different and your profit may directly depend on this.

For example, in football bets, some bookies have the so-called 60 minutes rule, which applies not only to the prematch but also to live. And in some cases, it may bring a ridiculous situation when you can bet on events after the 60th minute and … lose if the match suddenly stops. Knowing the rules of the game can significantly save you from such misunderstandings.

Stats Betting Specifics

Betting on statistics is a very popular sector among players. Many bettors are sure that this will help to get some chances for a small, but guaranteed win. And again, don’t forget about the nuances. In this type of betting, the source has a very important role. Statistics are provided by different sources and, accordingly, can be interpreted in different ways too. That’s why you can both win and lose when your sources differ from the bookmaker.

In this case, it’s worthwhile to understand that the bookmaker, when drawing up the line, is repelled from the array of statistics. At the same time, the sportsbook should be based on one stable source.

It’s worth noting that there are situations when sources according to the statistics of the bookmaker are indicated, but there is an annotation in the rules that, in case of obvious differences, recalculation by an alternative source is possible, including the possibility of revising the broadcast. It’s clear that the bookmaker prescribed such a rule for himself, but the bettor can also take advantage of this moment.

Good knowledge of the sport

Each sport has its nuances because if you are going to play on bets regularly, it’s important to know what to bet on. This will come in handy both in prematch and live. Knowing the intricacies of your sport will help you better assess the situation and make decisions. For example, how long the penalty rounds last, for which a fine can be assigned. Thus in football, yellow and red cards must be taken into account. Each sport has its specifics and it’s in your interest not to forget about it.

Forks: what you need to know

Everyone knows that sportsbooks think that playing on forks is considered arbitrage. At the same time, bookmakers don’t take into account the fact that a player risks his money and makes a very risky bet. It’s impossible to get a synchronous fork in the same bookmaker, which means that one shoulder will be lost. So you can see a paradox: when a bookmaker lost a shoulder, it agrees with the result, and when he wins, then arbitration takes place. It sounds crafty, but you need to know that.

Tracker and information fidelity

A very important issue at live bets. In particular, an important issue concerns the tracker and the accuracy of the information that the bookmaker indicates in the match section.

The bookmaker should give a full product. But not always does it do that. And in order not to pay your bet for this, it’s better to check the real data of the match on alternative sources: from time and current account to statistical indicators

Data security

It sounds obvious, but only a few players take that into account. Remember: it’s worth keeping your data related to access to accounts and finances. Avoid phishing sites, don’t download files from suspicious resources, don’t lose flash drives with passwords. Be careful in communicating online, don’t show logins on forums and sites, in correspondence or screenshots, it’s also worth excluding typical passwords.

It’s worth remembering that betting is also a matter of practice. Don’t be afraid to try or even lose, because mistakes teach you. The main thing that a bettor needs to remember is that attention will save you from many mistakes. In any gambling, only the stability of the result matters. It’s achieved by those who are ready to learn not only the basics but also the secrets of true mastery. Besides, it should be remembered that there’re not only random wins but also random losses. Carefully approach the question, no matter how much you are willing to risk.

We hope that these tips will help you avoid gross mistakes and you will take them into service when betting in Tanzania to your favorite sport.


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