Majorca is one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe. Even though the beautiful island has been a little ill-famed, as many reduce Majorca to its party mile, more and more people are beginning to (re)discover the real Majorca. And the real Majorca doesn’t have anything to do with alcohol and wild parties. Instead, you’ll find UNESCO World Heritages, fresh fruits, stunning landscapes, and perfect beaches. 

Find out what you should do when visiting the Balearic Island of Majorca.

The Perfect Accommodation

To get the full Majorca experience, you should distance yourself from overcrowded holiday resorts. Even though the typical all-inclusive holiday can be a lot of fun, the touristy atmosphere may keep you from being out and about. So instead of spending time in a hotel, scan the internet for apartments or fincas typical for the island. We recommend a Holidu Accommodation on Majorca.

Customary luxury fincas in the backcountry will offer you privacy and a great connection to nature. But there are also many holiday apartments that are close to the most beautiful beaches. That way, you get to be just as close to the sea as you would be staying in a hotel. But instead of mingling with tourists from Germany, the UK, and other European countries, you’ll be mingling with locals and Majorcans by choice, who’ve been staying on the island for years.

Discover the Most Beautiful Places of Majorca

As mentioned before, Majorca has a lot to offer to all those who are willing to explore the island. The great flight connection between Manchester and Palma is another reason for you to consider a trip to Majorca. Make sure not to miss out on the following places:

Palma – Scenic Capital

Majorca is looking back on a tumultuous past that includes numerous attacks by the Carthaginians, Romans, Vandals, and Moors. But it’s that choppy past that has turned Majorca into the melting pot of cultures that it is today. A visit to Palma, the island’s capital, is the perfect combination of a cultural, historical, and modern experience:

Time-honoured buildings and cool boutiques are two things you cannot miss out on when in Palma. After learning about the capital’s unique history, make sure to have lunch or supper in one of the many restaurants that serve freshly-caught fish and other delicacies.

Explore the Island in a Rental Car

Majorca is not big. It only takes about six hours to go around the island, as the longest route is only about 200 miles. When going on your tour over the island, you should plan stops in the following places.


Valldemossa is a scenic mountain town. The renowned composer Frédéric Chopin lived there with his lover – to be more exact, they spent the winter of 1839 in the Celda de Chopin, a beautiful Carthusian monastery overlooking the valley.

La Casa de Robert Graves

The famous English author Robert Graves lived in the village of Deià between the years of 1932 and 1985. Visitors can sniff literary flair in the poet’s vibrant study. After taking a tour through Graves’ house, make sure to spend some time in Deià. Even though it’s rather a village than a town, it has a lot to offer. 

Hikes Through the Backcountry

As Majorca is such a small island, you should be able to see quite a lot in a little time. But the best part is not necessarily at all those cultural and historical sites. It’s driving through the backcountry. You’ll be surprised at the island’s sheer beauty. A hike is a perfect way to enjoy Majorcan nature and scenery even more.

One of the best hiking trails around Majorca is the Torrent de Pareis Gorge Walk from Escorga to the sea. The adventurous trail includes many ascents and descents, as well as narrow gaps and other challenges, which is why it’s not a trail for inexperienced hikers. 


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