Shipping was slowly being restored in the region, two weeks after war had broken out.

The regular service between Manchester and Dublin four times a week was reinstated along with services to Glasgow and Bristol.

It was announced that all aliens in Manchester were to surrender their motor vehicles and were to report to the Town hall where they were to present two photographs of themselves for registration.

So far, 456 persons had been registered under the alien restriction act in Salford.

Never within living memory reported the Evening News had their been such a shortage of fish on the Manchester market as there had been today, one store holder who had worked the fish markets for fifty years could recall nothing that compared with today’s scenes.

There was though good news for other foods. A bumper harvest for plums, apple and pears was forecast and a week of fine weather had had an excellent effect on the price of corn and flour.

The British expeditary force, it was announced had landed safely on French soil, the King had sent a departing message

” I have implicit confidence in you my soldiers-duty is your watchword and I know will be nobly done. While Lord Kitchener reminded the troops to perform a task which will need your courage your energy and your patience to help our French comrades against the invasion of an enemy.

It was reported from Southampton that never within living memory had such scenes been witnessed in the Solent as past the last few days with constant departures of huge steamers heavily laden with troops guns and horses.


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