Volkswagen is one of the largest vehicle manufacturers in the world – in terms of sales figures, bested only by a select few like Toyota. The German automaker has a rich history of producing world-class cars and  that are immensely reliable and dependable.

The company came into existence a few years before the start of the Second World War in 1937, and it was created to give the German people a chance to buy a cheap and reliable automobile. The VW Beetle came out a few years later, and it took the world by storm. This car was small, required minimal maintenance, and performed amazingly well. The Beetle was so good that it has stayed in production on and off ever since, 2021 will see the release of an electric version. So, it’s no surprise that reliability is fundamental to Volkswagen’s DNA and that they can transfer what they have learned from their years of manufacturing experience in to making quality reliable vans.   

When it comes to endurable vans, Volkswagen is sometimes set as the benchmark, as their vans require minimal maintenance. They hardly break down, and they can carry heavy loads without their engine gasping for breath. If you follow a regular maintenance routine, you could make your VW van last a lifetime. If not, you are still going to get a lot of miles from the VW before it finally gives up on you.

Volkswagen makes different types of vans. Their line-up includes the VW Caddy, VW Transporter, ABT e-Transporter, VW Crafter, VW California, VW Grand California, VW Caddy Life, VW Caravelle, VW Caddy Kombi, and the Volkswagen Crafter Luton Van. That is an expansive list of vans to suit any situation.

Let’s say you are someone that enjoys the outdoors and loves to go on adventures with their family. Volkswagen has the right kind of camper van for you, named the Grand California. Although being the most expensive of the lot, Grand California justifies its price as it’s a comprehensive solution for outdoor campers.  The VW Grand California allows you to leave for an adventure at any given time without worrying about tying a trailer behind your vehicle. However, if trailers are your thing and towing a big trailer is necessary, then Volkswagen gives you the Transporter Chassis Cab that can fix a trailer on the rear-end.

Cargo loaders and fleet owners would love the VW Crafter as it comes in different body styles. You can opt for the Single and Double cab variants, the Luton van model, or the drop side and tipper versions. Whichever vehicle best suits your needs is available at Volkswagen. Talk about easiness!

For small cargo, VW offers the extremely reliable Caddy and Transporter vans that are widely used by mailmen, bakeries, and other delivery services to serve their clients and customers. What’s more, the German manufacturer also makes MPV-style vans that are great for large families. The VW California and Caravelle are excellent examples of family-friendly vans, with enough space inside to store cargo and seat plenty of passengers.

Volkswagen Van Maintenance

A Volkswagen van requires the same old typical servicing that is necessary for any other vehicle. That means you would have to change the engine oil regularly, re-fill the coolant if necessary, check battery water levels,and inspect the tyres for wear and tear. If you are diligent and keep an eye on these components, then you can expect a long-life for your van. For best results, it’s best to maintain a regular service history and address any mechanical problems as soon as they arise.

Common Issues with Volkswagen Vans

Although Volkswagen vans are well-built, they can still develop some problems like any other mechanical machine. The most common issue found in the Transporter, for example, is the EGR valve failure that allows coolant to seep into the engine cylinders, destroying the combustion chamber in the process. However, the problem is very rare, and only a handful of consumers have reported such an issue.

Moreover, some Transporter vans were reported to have ill-fitted windows that leaked water when it rained. A minor issue if you live in a country where it doesn’t rain a lot, but for people living in the U.K., a minor leak is akin to disaster.

Whether your vehicle has these issues or not, it’s your responsibility to keep it in good condition and roadworthy with regular servicing and any repairs that may be required. In this respect the Manchester focused Volksmaster Van Centre, is best placed to serve your VW van requirements in the Manchester area, they have 30 years of experience in working with Volkswagen vehicles and an outstanding reputation for service, customer care and very competitive prices.

Volkswagen engineering sets a very high standard and it is of consistent high quality across both their car and van range. VW vans are just as efficient and reliable as their cars though if used in a business they may receive a little more wear and tear than a private vehicle they have been proven to handle the extra work with ease.


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