Photo by Ian Charles: Craig Cook (Red) and Dan Bewley (Blue) inside Brady Kurtz (Yellow/Black) Belle Vue Aces v Poole 'Volvo Cars' Pirates, SGP Premiership KOCup 1st Round 2nd Leg, 7 April 2017

Words: Hayley Bromley
Images: Ian Charles

Another big win for the Belle Vue Aces puts them five points clear at the top of the Premiership table after they triumphed 43-47 against the Poole Pirates at Wimborne Road, live on BT Sport.

The Rentruck Aces commandeered proceedings for the majority of the night after breaking an early deadlock and gradually built up a remarkable 8-point advantage seven heats into the meeting.

But they knew better than to count their hosts out and true to form, the Volvo Cars Pirates responded with a double 5-1 in Heats 10 and 11 to recover the deficit and draw the scores.

Clearly with work still to be done, the visitors bit back with a 5-1 of their own thanks to the efforts of Max Fricke and Dan Bewley; a somewhat comfortable cushion they would maintain to the end.

Heat 15 was not without its drama and tension however after Fricke was excluded for downing Poole No.1 Brady Kurtz, placing all the pressure on the shoulders of British Champion, Craig Cook.

Team boss Mark Lemon said: “Trackside, it looked like a clear-cut decision to exclude Brady but on the replays you could see there was minimal contact; enough to unsettle him going into the turn.

“The entrance to bend three is very narrow at Poole; I myself have many scars to prove that! It was just a racing incident, no one to blame, and Craig came through fantastically to seal the win for us.

“The track was a little bit bumpy in places but when you’ve raced motorbikes for as long as these guys have you learn to adapt to different conditions and focus on riding your bike accordingly.

“From early in the meeting, I was pretty confident the boys would deliver. We’ve travelled really well lately and I think the Pirates were aware of that, but for us we just went about our business in usual fashion.

“We’re in a fantastic position with the World Cup break imminent. We’ve still got a lot of work to do yet. We know how well other clubs travel to our place so we’re not about to back off the throttle.”

King’s Lynn heading to the National Speedway Stadium this Wednesday, June 28, to face off against a full-power Belle Vue Aces side. Tickets available now at


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