Apparently Attar of Rose, is pound for pound worth more than gold

Why am I quoting that? Well it is the key ingredient into a new drink that About Manchester was introduced to this week courtesy of the people at the Grand Pacific.

Lanique Rose Petal Liqueur Spirit comes from a recipe that is said to be 200 years old.Created by steam-distilling thousands of hand-picked rose petals that are sourced from the Middle East. Once steam distilled, the rose petals release The Attar of Rose which then added in a slow, multi-part process with carefully selected sugars and a neutral grain spirit.

it was first discovered and enjoyed amongst the elite societies of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, the Austrian Empire and the Kingdom of Prussia It comes out of Poland.  Once a drink that was cherished and drunk by the wealthy at their celebrations and grand balls ,itk remained a firm favourite all the way through to the roaring 1920s but disappeared with the Second World War when trade routes were blocked and the availability of fresh rose petals dried up.

Following the reopening of Eastern Europe, curators began to unravel the fascinating history of this once loved drink., today Lanique has been relaunched and repackaged

It could be the next big thing.Drunk on its own with an ice cube and a small squirt of lime, its taste is rather reminiscent of Turkish delight, perhaps a little on the sweet side,but others can determine, cherry, obviously rose and perhaps raspberry, cracked black pepper and white chocolate.

Of course the trend today is to mix it firstly with fizz, prosecco or champagne (very nice) or with tonic (have to say not so nice) but was told that it also works well with ginger and then of course there are cocktails.

Here it was made in a Negroni where it is a substitute for part of the Dry Vermouth along with the classic ingredients of gin and Campari


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