Just another day in Manchester. For those familiar with this intriguing city, there’s nothing new about striking up a conversation with a complete stranger at the train station. Discussion can range anywhere from complaining about the frequent delays of arrival times or deciding in the middle of the night to go out for a curry, a citywide staple food and favourite.

With locals that invite and initiate friendly conversation and backdrops of beautiful architecture and historical construction, the UK city of Manchester is a special place. Tourists and natives of this city appreciate the relaxed atmosphere and customs of kindness and pleasant chatter.

One thing you’re sure to notice while touring this city is the jewellery worn by the locals, who are referred to as Mancunians. “Subtle while luxe” is the statement made by many locals and their gems or precious metals.

How does cremation jewellery manifest itself in the busy fashion scene in Manchester? Keep reading to learn more about the history of cremation in this city (and the UK in general), as well as how cremation diamond jewellery in gold or silver settings fit into the current cremation jewellery trends in Manchester.

Cremation jewellery in gold and silver: a unique way to celebrate the memory of a loved one with cremated ashes

Once a friend or family member has left their physical body behind, what can be done with those cremated ashes that is special and reminiscent of the memories shared with the deceased?

Resurrected in a physical form, modern technology has the ability to transform what was once a physical body that belonged to a loved one into an authentic diamond, which can be set in silver or gold cremation jewellery.

Receiving an urn that holds the cremated ashes or remains of a loved one, even if it’s artistic and beautiful, can still feel a bit creepy to the receiver. While a decorated urn may be vibrant and pleasing to the eye, nonetheless, the contents inside are unsightly cremains. Instead, you can keep a loved one’s memories close to your heart as a brilliant cremation diamond, set in the latest Manchester jewellery styles.

How did cremation become the “norm” the United Kingdom, specifically Manchester?

Infamous for its underground train tunnels, tube station stops, gorgeous historical architecture, and friendly customs of the locals – Manchester is also a place of laws. Included in Manchester’s laws are guidelines for the final disposition of a body.

Before 1885, cremation was not a choice. On the contrary, it was illegal to have cremation practises performed on a corpse. Religious feelings toward cremation did not make a difference pre-20th century, the government forbid the practice in Manchester.

Regardless of the law, a number of cremations were preformed in the late 1800s while the practise was still illegal. As evidence is the fact that when cremation was legalized in Great Britain in 1902, crematoriums already existed in Hull, Manchester, Glasgow, Liverpool, and Golders Green.

World War I ushered in the first attitude changes toward cremation in the predominantly Christian country. Many deaths in a short span of time brought up issues of hygiene and space capacity. Rapidly, the trend shifted away from burials and towards cremations.

In 1968, there was a higher number of cremations performed than burials for the first time in the United Kingdom. Current statistics from the Cremation Association of Great Britain show that cremation is by far the preferred route of final disposition with 19,968 performed in the greater Manchester area in 2017.

Manchester jewellery trends and styles throughout the years

From gold hoop earrings in the 70s to statement earrings in 80s then crosses and chokers in the 90s, Manchester has experienced a variety of trends in jewellery styles throughout the years. Keep reading to learn about the latest Manchester jewellery trends and how gold and silver cremation jewellery satisfies the needs of any trendsetter in the city.

Spring and summer Manchester jewellery trends for 2018

Round-cut hoop earrings

L: https://www.heart-in-diamond.com/img/jewelry/2983_1_w_or.jpg
R: https://www.heart-in-diamond.com/img/jewelry/2983_2_w_or.jpg

Diamond-studded hoop earrings can transform an entire ensemble. It’s no surprise that hoop earrings are still a hot summer trend in 2018, just as they’ve been a primary staple to any Mancunian’s jewellery collection for decades.

Yellow heart-shaped diamond halo rings

Most people are drawn to the luxe yet simple look of a heart-shaped diamond halo ring boasting an original yellow diamond, like this one below from overstock.com:

The neutral tone and elegantly-cut stone make for a go-to accessory that compliments any ensemble. Fancy enough to make a classy engagement or wedding ring while tame enough for daily wear — a heart-shaped diamond halo ring truly offers the best of both ends of the spectrum. While flaunting such a ring during an afternoon fish and chips lunch outing, the Manchester sunshine hits the yellow diamond and the sheer brilliance and lustre of the stone will draw attention to the otherwise subtle accessory.

The following is a testimonial from the website from a customer that received a yellow heart-shaped cremation earring, more specifically, a ring:

“You’ve made my dream come true! My husband bought me a ring with a big heart-shaped Yellow Orange diamond! I am SO happy, I feel like a film star when I wear it!”

— Chloe, NY

Round pendants with round-cut diamond accents

A round gold or silver cremation pendant with a round-cut diamond accent make a lovely addition to any spring or summer outfit for a Manchester native. The above pendant takes the trend of round pendant jewellery to a new level with a trio of circles brought together by an attractive shank with a perfectly-placed ruby-red diamond resting at the bottom.

Gold or silver cremation jewellery — wear pieces that hold an eternal bond to a loved one

Throughout Manchester, people of all ages that come from various walks of life hit the streets with their favourite jewellery on display. Some gold and silver jewellery is worn because the owner fancies the look. However, often people in Manchester wear specific jewellery based on a deeper meaning or its origin. Next time you spot one of the latest trends in British high-end jewellery, remember that piece might have a deeper connection to another realm beyond life on Earth.


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