Manchester is known for its friendly locals, historical architecture, and also for the ability to strike up a conversation with a complete stranger without them finding it weird. 

As you walk down the streets of Manchester and see what the Mancunians – how the locals are often referred to – are up to, you will notice that both the city and its inhabitants are rather luxurious, so to speak.

You’ll find most of them wearing subtle jewellery. However, what you don’t know is the fact that, in some cases, that very piece of jewellery is used to commemorate their loved ones – and that’s done via cremation jewellery. 

But, before talking more about this way of remembering our loved ones, let’s take a look at the history of Manchester and at how it got to rely more on cremation instead of the classic burial.

From Illegal to Preferred Method

Before cremation was legalized in 1902, you were not allowed to practice it on a corpse, mainly due to religious beliefs. However, even though illegal, cremations were performed in Manchester in the late 1800s.

What stands as a proof is the number of crematoriums that already existed before cremation became legal – such places could be found in Liverpool, Hull, Glasgow, and Manchester.

Even after becoming legal, people were not so keen on relying on cremation when it came to body disposal. However, it all changes with the First World War. The large number of deaths, as well as the space issues, made more and more people switch to cremation.

Currently, statistics show that cremation is the preferred method of disposal in Manchester, with roughly 20,000 cremations performed in this city in 2017. This is also one of the reasons why memorial jewellery is so popular.

Cremation Trends in Manchester

Since people no longer bury their loved ones, they don’t have that place where they could visit them. Of course, one may keep an urn in their house, but some want to do a bit more.

Therefore, more and more people turn to cremation jewellery instead of disposing of the ashes into the sea or at their loved one’s favourite place. Given that they can turn ashes into something as beautiful as diamonds (of various colours), it’s only natural that more crematoriums are now available in Manchester.

Concluding Remarks

Still, it is well-known that cremation was the preferred method of body disposal long before cremation jewellery was available. People are slowly turning away from the old ways, with some of them even requesting to be cremated after their death. 

This may be because they consider that, when someone has their ashes, they can end up in a better place than in a burial ground. Thus, even if some religions consider cremation as a bad thing, a lot of religious people think of this practice as being more capable of providing them with a better resting place.

If you want to properly commemorate your loved ones, Heart in Diamond makes cremation jewellery from ashes and can help you get a diamond or a beautiful piece of jewellery. Moreover, you can make it look just like your loved ones would have wanted it!


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