The UK continues to be one of the best places to live and visit on the planet. From bustling London with its many famous sights to Manchester with its rich cultural heritage, the UK has a lot to offer.

One great reason to check out the UK or live there is the many land-based casinos that you can play at. Casino games are still one of the favourite ways that many people like to have fun, and you will not be disappointed by what you will find across the UK. Whether it is a hand of blackjack or a few spins on the roulette wheel, the fantastic UK land-based casinos have it all.

Land-based are casinos enduringly popular

With the buzz around online casino sites, you may think that land-based casinos have taken a dip in popularity. This is actually far from the truth! Genting UK, which is one of the biggest land-based casino groups in the country, reported a huge £40m rise in annual revenue for 2017. This figure alone shows that land-based casinos are, in fact, a big part of the rapid growth seen across the whole gaming and gambling sector within the UK.

When you think about it, the need for land-based casinos still is obvious. They offer a unique experience that cannot be totally replicated elsewhere. The sights, smells and sounds of a real casino are simply exhilarating and give an experience that you may actually prefer. When you add in the fact that many of the brick-and-mortar casinos in the UK have spent lots of money updating their premises and making them more luxurious, you can see why they are so popular still.

Which are the best land-based casinos in the UK?

Which are the best land-based casinos to try out in the UK? Read on for a complete guide to the best around:

  • Les Croupiers Casino in Cardiff Cardiff, the capital city of Wales, is home to this fabulous casino. Known locally as “The Croups”, it allows anyone over 18 to enter and try out the many top casino games found there. With a cool sports bar to chill out in between games and an in-house Chinese restaurant to dine in also, this has it all.
  • Rainbow Casino in Birmingham moving back into England, we have this fantastic casino in Birmingham. There are many games to enjoy here from punto banco to blackjack, slots and roulette. There is a real sense of glamour and sophistication when you spend time here, which is really great. Open 24/7, there is also parking nearby, which is very handy.
  • Genting Club in Portland Street, Manchester of course, stunning Manchester is home to a few awesome land-based casinos. Among them, the Genting Club found on Portland Street is one of the finest land-based casinos UK. Although you could choose from the impressive Manchester235 Casino in Watson Street or the Grosvenor Casino Soames on George Street, this is worth a special mention.

What makes this one stand out? For starters, the décor is really fabulous and helps set the scene for a fun yet glamorous night out. With many top casino games to play, you will not get bored here, and there is always a friendly crowd to add to the atmosphere. With a nightly poker tournament and an acclaimed in-house restaurant, this is the ideal casino experience when in Manchester.

  • Aspers Casino in London – of course, London is home to many fine land-based casinos. Aspers Casino is the biggest and best – in fact, it was the first super-casino ever built in the UK, in 2011. With a young, lively crowd, there is a real sense of fun and excitement when you play here. The slot game area is particularly impressive, as is the way the whole place is set out. All the usual casino games are here to try to win big on, which is great news for you when choosing what to do.

An experience you will not forget

When it comes to having a night out that gives a truly amazing experience, you can’t beat heading to a land-based casino. Not only does it make you feel like a million dollars with the luxurious, swanky vibe, but it is also a great social experience. Hanging out with the other players and your friends is a great way to spend the time. Of course, the best thing is that you may even win some money! For those based in Manchester, the city has more than its fair share of real-world casinos to try out.


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