You will find the difference between summer tires and all weather tires quite interesting. For example, when we expect all-season tires to outperform summer tires during rain, the opposite happens. Summer tires are specifically made for wet and dry conditions, making them have good traction on wet surfaces than all-season tires.

There is so much to discover about what differentiates specific tires from others. Read on to find the exciting differences between summer tires and all weather tires and know-how one tire is ideal for a certain season while the other one is not.

y are tires made to be used in summertime. These tires are also called performance tires. Besides summer, these are perfect for use in areas that do not experience winter without the need to change. Summer tires have precise handling and excellent wet and dry traction.


  • Why Summer Tires Have Better Performance in Heat and Rain


The only time these tires are not efficient is during winter. That is, whether it is heavily raining, baking hot, or just dump, these tires can withstand these conditions. The compound used in making them contains sticky additives that provide the tires with extra grip when the surfaces are wet. To ensure the tires do not melt during the extreme sun, the compound is made stiff enough to ensure the tires keep rolling.

These tires provide stability because their rubber is always in contact with the road. Their tread patterns are shallower than those in all weather tires and have straighter grooves. Their asymmetrical tire patterns limit their rotations. 

Although summer tires are great in several weather conditions, they perform poorly during winter. Their grip and traction get lost, making them unsafe for use. 


  • All weather Tires Trade-Off


Cheap all weather tires are the most convenient for people living in places with light snow. It is because they can use their set throughout the year without changing when the season changes. 

These tires are made a bit different from the summer tires, which is why they provide grip even when the temperatures are above freezing. The compound used in making them is flexible while their tread patterns are a bit deeper. The deep treads and more voids help with offering good traction.

These tires have more rotation options than summer tires because they have symmetrical designs. This increases tire mileage by reducing wear and tear.

Although they have a great balance of all-weather, they cannot beat winter tires that are meant for use on ice, sleet, and snow. 


  • Should You Buy Summer Tires?


If you live in an urban setup and the weather is warm throughout, consider buying summer tires. When it rains, they can help in preventing hydroplaning, unlike the all weather tires. Their traction is excellent too.

If you live in an area where you experience mild snowing within the year, cheap all weather tires are your to-go for choice. These tires are great, especially when the seasons are unpredictable.

However, if you experience extreme winter conditions, it is advisable to have a set of winter tires for changing every time the ground becomes frozen. It is a safe option because, during these times, a special set is required to prevent accidents.


  • Choosing the Right Tire


You don’t just visit a tire shop and pick a set for your vehicle. There are certain conditions you should consider to get the right tire.

For instance, how is the weather where you live? Is it warm throughout the year, or does it get extremely cold during winter? What are your performance expectations from the tires? 

Do not mix tires on your vehicle. That is, if it is summer, all four should be summer and not a mixture of winter, all weather, and performance tires.

Consider the size of the tires. Use the recommended dimensions by the manufacturer. Besides the dimensions, use other specifications provided such as speed rating, and load capacity. 

After considering these factors, start looking for the tire brand of your preference. There are many brands in the market and you will always find one aspect that you like in one brand and that you don’t find in the other brand.


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