Patient advocacy group, METUPUK, is hosting a pop-up exhibition at The Corn Exchange Manchester to highlight care issues around secondary breast cancer, as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October.

The exhibition, titled ‘The Darker Side of Pink’, aims to highlight the seriousness of Metastatic breast cancer – the biggest cancer killer of UK women under 50 – via a powerful display that counteracts other, more ‘fluffy’, baby pink-branded campaigns during the awareness month.

Hosted in the Corn Exchange’s atrium, The Darker Side of Pink features 31 transparent figures, to depict the invisibiity of the disease – one for each woman who dies every day from Metastastic or secondary breast cancer – and a corresponding QR code that loads a video from a real-life breast cancer survivor or one of their loved ones. Many of these videos are incredibly emotional, as befits the seriousness of the topic.

METUPUK is the only patient advocacy group in the UK focusing on secondary breast cancer.

The volunteer-led organisation works to push and promote issues affecting those with secondary (metastatic) breast cancer, with a particular focus on tackling the backlog of care for patients aswell as awareness of this invisible disease. Thirty one women per day die of Metastatic Breast Cancer and the group is using its Darker Side of Pink campaign to highlight the need to improve care and research around this illness.

The Darker Side of Pink is at the Corn Exchange Manchester from Friday 14th October


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