Everyone wants to get a better night’s sleep. The connection between sleep and overall wellness is thoroughly documented. Even if it wasn’t, we all know how we feel when we wake up refreshed in the morning, when compared to when we get very little sleep. There are lots of tips and tricks out there to help you sleep better, just like there are many reasons why you might not be getting the best sleep possible every night. Memory foam has proven to be a great way to support better sleep. Here’s how. 

Memory Foam 101

You know memory foam has to be great because it was invented and developed to be used for seats during rough space travel. Over time, it has grown beyond the original uses and is now available everywhere and for everything. You will find memory foam in mattresses, pillows, chair cushions, and even footwear such as shoes and slippers. When it was first developed, memory foam was incredibly expensive, and only NASA could afford it. However, it is now much more cost-effective, which is why it has made its way into so many everyday items. It has become incredibly popular, not just for the cost, but also because it provides outstanding comfort. 

Despite being a part of so many different household items, memory foam is probably best known for being in mattresses. It works wonders as a sleeping surface because it is soft, but it also absorbs energy. A mattress made from memory foam is different from a traditional or standard mattress. Spring mattresses do not absorb energy as well, and they can get warped and misshapen over time much easier than memory foam. On top of what has already been mentioned above, there are many other benefits to sleeping on a memory foam mattress, according to SleepJunkie.org

Memory Foam Supports Your Whole Body

Memory foam works by essentially molding itself to whatever is pressing down on it. In the case of a mattress, that would be your body. As it molds around your body, it is still supporting every joint and muscle, which can prevent cramps. When you get back up, the foam returns to its proper shape. It can sometimes feel as if a person is sinking into the mattress since it will absorb your body weight. Even though you are lying down, the only parts of the mattress that are affected are where your body is. Someone lying next to you might not even feel a thing. 

Temperature Control

One of the main things that can negatively affect someone’s quality of sleep is body temperature. We all know the feeling when we are too hot with the covers and too cold without. To combat this, memory foam mattresses are made with a special material that is sensitive to temperature. It will sense your body heat and adjust accordingly. The hotter you get, the softer the mattress gets, which takes the pressure off of your warm body. This provides you with more comfort and lets you sleep better. In fact, there are even memory foam mattresses that have an extra cooling function built-in. 

Memory Foam Helps to Relieve Pain

There is nothing worse than trying to sleep while in pain from soreness and aches. Sleeping is also a key factor in properly recovering from injuries, but it can be hard to sleep if you are in pain. A memory foam mattress displaces pressure all over the body so that no specific part of your body is bearing the brunt of the weight, and no part is hanging with no support. This means that injuries and other pain points on your body feel less pressure. Not only that, but pain can cause an increase in temperature at the site. With memory foam’s ability to react to temperature, it will help those spots by getting softer and reducing pressure. 

It is Hypo-Allergenic

If you were to test a typical mattress, it could have millions of dust mites living in the material. This can play havoc on people living with allergies, making it difficult at night to breathe comfortably. However, the foam in a memory foam mattress contains polyurethane, which is a material that can deter dust mites. Memory foam mattresses are also denser than standard mattresses, which makes them a less inviting environment for allergens. 

You Won’t Feel Your Partner

One thing that can definitely prevent someone from getting a good night’s sleep is if the person next to them is tossing and turning. Memory foam absorbs pressure, so that motion is not transferred to the rest of the mattress. Your partner can toss and turn, and you can continue to sleep peacefully. Disturbances, from a restless partner to a pet that loves to jump on and off the bed, can be a thing of the past. 

When it comes to sleep, everyone is different. There are many ways that a person can be prevented from getting a good night’s sleep. A memory foam mattress is a great way to eliminate the causes of bad sleep and get you the rest that you need to do your best during the day. 




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