Laser marking is a surprisingly varied and versatile option for individuals or organisations that want to permanently put their personalised stamp on a variety of materials.

There are a number of reasons to consider taking advantage of laser marking, from preventing crime to adding a unique touch to a gift that a loved one will treasure forever.

If you are in need of laser marking services, there are a number of companies that offer this in the UK. Here are just a few of the top operators that could help you with your engraving requirements today.

Fine Cut Group

This Sussex-based organisation has been operating successfully for almost four decades and offers laser marking, cutting, engraving and etching as well as a selection of other enterprise-friendly print services.

Whether you want to leave your market on metal, wood, fabric, ceramics or even polystyrene foam products, this company will be able to help you out.

All of the best operators in the country take advantage of high quality kit produced by laser equipment manufacturers like This allows for the precision and high quality finish that customers will be expecting to see.

Drawn By The Light

Those seeking a laser marking operator in the Manchester area need look no further than this firm, which is especially geared towards those looking to complete artistically-motivated design projects which are ideal for jazzing up commercial and domestic interiors.

You have the option of supplying the design yourself, or you can call upon the firm’s in-house team of experts to get this sorted for you.

Another perk of picking Drawn By The Light is that they are well equipped to turn standard products into truly bespoke pieces. Whether you want to have advanced laser marking techniques applied to a laptop case, a smartphone chassis, an item of furniture or a meaningful piece of jewellery, all of these services and many more are available to you.


When you have laser marking requirements which are closely associated with the retail industry, this is another Manchester-based firm that could be worth considering.

Markem-Imaje is set up to handle a laundry list of marking and coding services, allowing you to keep track of products more effectively, manage stock to avoid inefficiencies and make sure your inventory can always be analysed quickly.

As well as dealing in laser marking it also offers additional printing solutions for organisations of various types and sizes.

Ardron Engraving

One of the smaller local firms providing laser marking and engraving to customers in the North West, its particular speciality lies in producing signage for various commercial uses. From warning labels to way-finding signs, businesses can take advantage of its varied products and services.

It also works with lasers to provide etching, marking and engraving on materials including glass, leather and plastic. Whether you have a design you want to convert, a photo you want to recreate or a logo to import, it is capable of taking almost any file format and bringing it to life with laser technology.



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