Autumn season, especially in England, is one of the most favourite seasons for most citizens. There are many beautiful destinations that serve the autumn vibes complete with  beautiful sceneries but because of Covid-19, everyone must stay at home and limit their interactions with people. Although you’re only at home, you still can feel the autumn vibes through your home decor. The starter pack for enjoying autumn vibes at home is the good lighting that you can easily get with linen fabric for curtains to make natural but not so bright lighting. Other than that you may consider redecorating your room and don’t forget to buy new freshener in your room.

Your home needs to be as comfortable as it can in order to make you enjoy being home because the pandemic limits our interaction outside. In order to make the home comfortable, you must redecorating your home with the useful things that fit. Here’s the tips to make you comfortable at home

Warm And Cozy Place

First thing you must consider in autumn is the weather because The early autumn in the UK is still warm but in the middle and the end, the weather will be cold. It is associated with the things you must prepare to welcome the autumn. You need warm and cozy things like a sofa, bed linen, and don’t forget to use the warmer. You can choose the fluffy sofa depending on your preference. You can choose the autumn vibes sofa with deep tone color such as cocoa or wine with the petals or willows pattern. 

Beside the sofa, you may also redecorating your bedroom situation with a warmer set of bedcovers such as using bed linen. The bed linen itself has good material that can make your sleep more comfortable because it is suitable in warm or cold weather. The bed linen also offers many colors for you, you can choose the same deep tones matching with the sofa or you can go with white, because white will never go wrong with the other color combination. The other must have item to keep you warm  is the warmer for your room. The price varies, you can choose the one that is suitable for your budget. 

Good Lighting

The good lighting also is an important thing to create a healthy atmosphere around the room. It is important to have a good window that can reflect the sun rays everyday. But you may need the curtain that helps you to set the amount of light you need. The linen curtain may be the option for you because it is thick but flexible, can be the filter for bacteria, and also has good durability so it can be easily washed by machine or by hand. For the additional lighting, you can use a lamp with enough light, so it won’t be too bright or dark to do some activities.

Make A Daily Routine Schedule

It is important to make a daily routine schedule for you during autumn that is important to help you to achieve your goals in this fall. You can start with a basic activities schedule such as time to get up, to exercise, to eat, and to work. The schedule makes your time not wasted because you already know what you will do next. For example, 7.00 am is the time you must wake up and in the range of 07.00 am until 09.00 you must have done your need like eat, take a shower, and put on makeup, so by 09.00 you are ready to do your work-related task. Many people are too lazy to do some exercise, but if you schedule it first, you will be regularly remembered by your memo to do some exercise in order to make you healthier.

Making the schedule allows you to have a lot of spare time to do your hobbies or meet up with your friends and family. You can schedule the event based on your weekly schedule, so all of your work-related tasks will not be ruined by the family or friend’s event. Party or celebration of an important event with friends or family can be held in a housing area, it can’t be held in a restaurant or other public property because of the pandemic. You can spare your time to join that but remember to limit the interaction with your friends and also keep your mask on.

Get To Know Your Hobbies

Hobbies are very important to make you not boring in this pandemic era. If you are the person who didn’t know your hobby before, you can start with trying to figure out your hobby by trying one by one the activities that you like such as drawing, singing, playing instruments, cooking or maybe doing exercise outside home.

Work from home can be so boring if there is no intermezzo or break time that will refresh your mind and mood. You can start to prepare your meal by yourself to kill the time and also decrease your monthly spend because if you cook for yourself, it will be cheaper than buying in the restaurant and definitely will have good hygiene. 

Other activities that can help you to boost your mood is to do activities outside home. You can try swimming in your private swimming pool because it is an anaerobic sport that can help you to burn your calories but fun to do. You can also try cycling or jogging around the housing areas in order to keep you healthy and not boring inside the house

Good Food Good Mood

The cold weather of the autumn will make your body want something that can warm you. You can warm yourself with foods and beverages such as the traditional hot chocolate with marshmallows or maybe a classic cup of tea. Beside that, you may also learn the special recipe for autumn that will also train your cooking ability. You can learn how to make dessert from the special autumn fruit such as making apple pie or pumpkin muffin. You can also make the main menu such as slow cooked pork or turkey for celebration with your friends and families.


Autumn is a special season for most of us but it will be a little bit different because we must limit our interaction with our friends and families. In order to make Autumn not boring in the house, you must make your home comfortable for you to spend daily activities and do something new to know about your hobbies.



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