Carpets are a beautiful solution to not only designing your home in a lovely and cosy way but also for flooring and keeping warmth for your comfort. Many homeowners choose them but often forget how important maintenance is. They clean the carpets only with the end of tenancy cleaning service, but this is not the right solution. Having professional carpet cleaning services at home every 6-18 months is crucial to the condition of the carpets and their long life. But there are also other pros to having expert cleaners come on-site. 

Why should you choose a professional carpet cleaning company to take care of your home carpets? Here are 5 reasons!

#1 – Prolonging the life of the carpet

Nowadays, there are many types of carpets that interior designers choose to additionally bring a home to life – from wool to nylon, olefin and polyester. Each requires a different kind of cleaning and maintenance. For the carpet to be properly cleaned, professional carpet cleaning services are required. Not only will they know the exact type of care it needs, but they’ll also help extend the life of the carpet. 

Using the extraction method can increase the life of carpets immensely. Thoroughly cleaning a carpet by experts means they’ll use the right tools and products needed for it to be sparkling clean, new, and fresh. 

# 2 – Health benefits

Having your carpets cleaned by water extraction method and deep clean protect the indoor air quality. Because of the daily use of carpets, they often trap pollutants and dust particles that can only be removed with deep cleaning methods. And once removed, the air quality improves, and your home is fresher. Not properly cleaning your carpets at home can lead to breathing problems for example, since those pollutants affect the nose and sinus. Especially if you have kids at home, they’re more predisposed to be affected if dust is trapped in the carpets.

Regularly vacuuming can help keep the surface of the carpet clean, but unfortunately, it won’t eliminate the dust from the depth of the fibres. So, consider professional carpet cleaning a must.

# 3 – Maintenance and prevention

Carpet dirt usually consists of dry soil, and when you are regularly having it professionally cleaned thoroughly, that dry soil can be removed by simply vacuuming – again on a regular basis. Not only that, but speaking of health benefits, a deep clean of a carpet prevents bacteria and allergens from building up. The alternative would be the carpet resulting in lots of unhealthy contaminants. And you wouldn’t want that, right?

Eliminate dust build-up and developing mould by simply trusting the professionals to take care of your carpet cleaning. After a deep clean, maintaining the good quality of the carpet will be a lot easier. That’s why as a service, carpet cleaning is not only helping you save time or effort of doing it yourself but also benefits the carpet itself. 

# 4 – Appearance and odour

If you have never had your carpets cleaned by a professional cleaning company, you probably don’t know that your carpets can look as good as new! The deep clean and water extraction methods help the rugs really sparkle, bringing back their original colours and shine. It will eliminate all dirt, dust, and soiled spots. After the process, you’ll feel the carpet fresh, soft, and clean. 

Furthermore, the carpets also tend to trap odours among dirt and dust. So, cleaning them thoroughly will also help eliminate the smell, especially if you have pets at home! Professional cleaners have special methods for fighting stubborn smells trapped in the carpets, so you wouldn’t have to worry about that!

# 5 – Maintain warranty

Most expensive carpets that are of high quality come with a warranty. And in order for it to be kept, usually, it is required to have the carpet professionally cleaned within a specific amount of time – for example, every 12 to 18 months. That’s because home maintenance includes only vacuuming or cleaning with water and other supplies. But professional carpet cleaners use the extraction method and deep clean the floor covering.

What types of cleaning methods are most often used, different from the domestic ones?

You might be wondering why can’t you take care of your carpets by yourself and achieve those results. And the truth is, you can try, but because professional cleaners use specific methods, you won’t be able to reach their level of perfection. 

  • Hot water extraction. This is the most common method used by carpet cleaning experts. It’s also called steam carpet cleaning. With high pressured hot water, the method agitates the carpet fibre and this leads to easily dissolving the dirt in the carpet.
  • Encapsulation. The method is done with foam encapsulation. The dirt particles get encapsulated into powder when spread foam dries. Then the cleaners brush it off and remove all dirt. 
  • Deep clean and shampooing. This is mandatory for carpet cleaning as it allows the cleaners to get to the depth of the carpet and eliminate any dust, dirt, odour, and stains trapped at the core of the carpet. Of course, the shampooing part requires a long drying process afterwards, but with the latest technology, this part is also brought up to speed. 
  • Dry cleaning. Last but not least, dry cleaning by applying a cleaning compound or powder to the bottom part is also a preferred method for cleaning. Mostly it’s favoured as it requires no time for drying, but many people still doubt its effectiveness. Still, it’s a great way to clean the carpets in depth. The compound is biodegradable and works like micro-sponges. The method helps effectively absorb dissolved dirt, leaving the carpet in perfect condition as a result. 

All of those and other methods that professional carpet cleaning services include are the reason why the effect of an expert deep clean is so much more successful. As we shared above, this type of cleaning service is not only helping you save time and effort of doing it by yourself but also helping you make your home a healthier space, having a clean and fresh carpet that will bring beauty to your home for a long time. 


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