In the vibrant city of Manchester, a hub of innovation and thriftiness, there are several companies dedicated to helping Mancunians save money. 

Whether it’s through student job placements, affordable self-storage, comprehensive insurance, sustainable practices, or cutting-edge technology, these five companies have become invaluable assets to the community.


Prograd is a beacon for student jobs in Manchester, offering services that help them find part-time jobs while they study. 

The platform doesn’t just stop there; it also educates students on saving and investing, providing them with a head start in financial literacy.

The BoxCo.

They address a common student dilemma: where to store one’s belongings during semester breaks or when the living space is just too cramped. The BoxCo.’s solution is affordable self-storage solutions in Manchester tailored to student’s unique needs and budgets. The company not only stores items, but delivers them directly. So no need to worry about rooting through your old storage facility.

Abode Insurance

In a city with 15 Grade 1 and 77 Grade 2 listed buildings, including the beloved Manchester Town Hall, Abode Insurance provides peace of mind with their comprehensive listing insurance, protecting owner’s properties against potential risks. 

Not only does their cover ensure Manchester’s beloved architecture remains safe, but they provide peace of mind to those looking after it.

The Modern Milkman

With sustainability at its core, The Modern Milkman is revolutionising the way Mancunians shop. 

They deliver local, fresh produce in returnable glass bottles, significantly cutting down on plastic waste. 

By connecting customers with eco-friendly, local suppliers, they’re fostering a community committed to eco-conscious living​​.


A tech-focused enterprise, Holiferm is pioneering the transition to a circular economy through their development of sustainable, fermentation-derived ingredients. 

Their patented technology enhances productivity and slashes production costs, offering environmentally friendly alternatives for household and personal care products​​.

Each of these companies is contributing to Manchester’s reputation as a city that not only thrives on innovation but also cares for the environment and the well-being of its residents. 

By supporting these businesses, Mancunians are not only saving money but are also investing in a more sustainable future.


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