Heavier curtains add an elegant and luxurious feel to the interior of any home. The downside of this decorative choice is that it is a bit higher maintenance compared to other window cover options. The weight of the fabrics themselves also adds to the hassle. However, there are ways to achieve the same wow factor of heavy curtains with these refreshing alternatives.

Opt For Lace

You can go for lace curtains for a lighter fabric as an alternative. This kind of curtain does the job when it comes to making the room more elegant. The translucent material maintains privacy while still allowing light and air to enter. Also, the dainty design is easy on the eyes, and the thin fabric gives the home a sense of ease.

Annabel Vita brought to light a creative way to use lace in your windows. She suggests placing the lace directly onto the glass by using an adhesive, and there you have it, an innovative window covering that doesn’t require much maintenance after its installation.

Go For Blinds

This window covering is a classic alternative to curtains. The evenly spaced slats are easily adjustable and are significantly cheaper. They are also less high maintenance compared to their cloth counterparts. Depending on their customizations, blinds can also provide insulation and function as an energy-efficient part of the room. The ease of the mechanical component of this curtain alternative also saves the residents energy from dealing with bulky fabrics to simply pulling on a string. Blinds also offer a good level of privacy and come in various styles that bring any room to life.

Shutter Up

Shutters are another classic when it comes to windows. While it is a bit more of a hefty fix to blinds, the right design and material make it worth the change.

With this window treatment, you can choose between panels or plantation shutters. Also, you may adjust the amount of light entering. Shutters are also a good choice for those with oddly shaped windows since they are customizable.

Art Deco Film

These kinds of window films are hands down one of the best curtain alternatives in terms of budget and maintenance. Just install them via adhesive onto your panel then instantly, you can

have your privacy and an aesthetically pleasing window cover that only needs the occasional wipe down to be kept clean.

Don’t let its thickness and price fool you, though. Art deco films are surprisingly durable and can last for a few years. These window decals also offer a wide range of styles and transparency levels that can cater to any of your design preferences.

Hanging Beads

Hanging beads are a more creative and fun way to replace curtains. They are also on the lighter side and offer a sense of privacy as well. Depending on what bead design you go for, this alternative will give a refreshing warm ambiance to your home. The material is also airy and won’t collect as much dust and dirt as a heavier fabric, making it easier to clean. The beads also let a substantial amount of light pass through, which gives your home a brighter, fresher feel.


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