The first preoccupied question for this article is, what do you see your smartphone? An irreplaceable assistant? An inseparable object? A companion through all ups and downs, helping you survive many meetings with your partner? Or is it just an electronic product nothing more, nothing less?

However, no matter what the purpose of using smartphones you are, as a business owner wishing to bring your product closer to customers, you still need the support of phone applications – since this is one of the closest and easy ways to send business messages to customers.

Whether your business is international, national, or simply a small startup, it’s time to take the mobile app seriously as a form of caring customers and as an effective sales channel, with top 5 advantages SMEs may benefit from Mobile App are listed below.

What do customers expect from a business?

  • Professionalism

  • Quality of products and services

  • Close

  • Usability

  • Customer response speed quickly

  • High personalization

If the first three elements are self-employed that can be adjusted or improved for better customer experience, the last three are the ones we can leverage from changing our tactics and touch customer tastes with a “customer care assistant” created from Mobile App.

Top 5 advantages SMEs may benefit from Mobile App

With not too large capital to allow yourself to try financial problems like recruiting – training and maintaining an IT department. In fact, the cost for the above items is very high, not to mention the time and effort that the Human Resources department has to spend to conduct the recruitment completely and professionally.

SMEs can utilize outsourced human resources – software outsourcing developers specifically, to create a Mobile App according to their needs without spending too much effort and money. As a result, SMEs will most likely need mobile app development to be outsourced remotely, by a third party company or a direct partner service provider.

To  talk more about how convenient Mobile apps are, generally, they can bring other benefits for SMEs as follows:

Promote sales

Because customers can experience a more pleasant shopping journey than a website, thanks to two factors of security and convenience in checkout. Customers can easily browse the product categories to choose the type of product they need, then order directly – receive promotional messages and discount vouchers, then pay quickly with the system. electronic wallet or digital bank.

Enhance customer loyalty

Downloaded, installed, registered and considered by customers as a “powerful assistant” in purchasing, experiencing products, services … be favored over the advertising content on other websites.

With mobile applications, businesses can easily interact with customers to better understand customer preferences, thereby increasingly upgrading personalized and customized applications with AI and machine learning. One of the decisive competitive factors between this brand, another brand or another service is personalization for the customer, providing a superior user experience and promoting related promotional content.

Increase brand awareness

With the frequency with which you submit product information, ongoing promotions … with your business logo and key information boosted, your company’s brand awareness will be upgraded to a new level. The frequency of business interactions with customers will also gradually be proportional to the popularity of that brand.

Encourage creativity and listen to ideas from customers

If you consider the application as a platform for conducting many activities effectively, you will find that Mobile App not only supports providing information about your product / service, but also provides a reservation feature. secure / support creating / accessing user accounts, texting and product photography quickly and conveniently.

In addition, you can also increase interaction with customers by more ways to listen and record customer comments push notifications bring you closer to face-to-face interactions and remind customers about products and services.

How important is the mobile application?

It is easy to see that, with a dedicated mobile app for products – services, businesses will be able to easily communicate pushed notifications about congratulatory messages, promotions, successful shopping invoices, information about new products, flash sale time frame … and many other attractive programs that customers can receive with just one text from push notification.

Furthermore, when it comes to customer retention and customer care, people always see the popularity of mobile apps with convenience when they can be carried anywhere, with higher security than web apps, and the speed of conveying quickly – accurately. Specifically, customers can receive attention and care from businesses with attractive after-sales programs, accumulate points when shopping … or use mobile software as tools to collect. information about the customer to better understand the customer.

Currently, about 2.3 million mobile app developers are working hard to dedicate themselves to the needs of the industry. The Apple App Store recorded 1.25 million apps registered in 2013, accounting for 50 billion downloads and $ 5 billion paid to developers.

PewResearch conducted a survey on the frequency of internet access by phone in the US, they estimate that about 67% of smartphone owners in the United States use their smartphones to access the Internet for internet users. basic and often Japanese needs. This proves that Mobile’s position – especially Mobile application development is increasingly occupying an important position in the hearts of smartphone users.


Application installs on mobile devices for instant access, usable anytime and anywhere, and offers a personalized experience – highly customized, with a news feed That is, the ad has a higher relevance than the ads seen on conventional websites. As a result, today’s customers will trust an app rather than a mobile website.


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