Erectile dysfunction is a condition that literally millions of men are impacted by, and understanding the causes is a good way to start the process of dealing with it if you are affected.

Here is a quick look at what can lead to ED and the steps you can take to address this issue if you need to.

Unhealthy lifestyle

One of the most widespread reasons for ED is directly related to the side effects of eating a diet of junk foot and not doing enough exercise, since a generally unhealthy lifestyle can compromise your body’s ability to get and maintain an erection, even if you are otherwise ‘in the mood’ for romance.

The easiest answer to this is of course to exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet that is low in saturated fats and high in nutrients. There are also medical solutions to deal with ED in this scenario, such as the availability of Viagra and other officially sanctioned drugs on sites like So long as you consult your doctor and get a recommendation for this kind of ED treatment, it can be a good way to go.

Mental health problems

Should your ED only be sporadic, the cause is more likely to be psychological than to have any relation to your lifestyle or diet.

If you suffer from mental health problems such as anxiety or depression, these may be at the root of your ED. Ask a GP to give you advice if you believe that psychotherapy may be necessary.

It is also worth noting that sex therapy can be a boon if you are afflicted specifically with psychological issues focused solely around sex, without any other mental health problems being present.


Lots of aspects of modern life can be overbearing and lead to stress, whether at work or in the home. If your mind is fatigued and fraught with worry relating to your other responsibilities, ED may arise at any time.

Experts recommend that if you can do anything to reduce the amount of stress you are faced with on a daily basis, you will see positive results in the bedroom. This leads into the fact that in most cases, ED is not a permanent complaint but rather something which can go away if you tackle the causes.

Underlying issues

Plenty of men who experience ED will do so as a result of some other health issue that is either pre-existing or underlying.

High blood pressure and high cholesterol, both of which interfere with the operation of the circulatory system, can cause ED, or be linked to its cause. If you know about these issues, then you will probably be taking steps to address them already. If not, it is definitely worth visiting your doctor for further consultation and investigation, since ED could be the first signal that there is another health concern at play, giving you an early warning and potentially proving to be very useful.



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