After 10 weeks in lockdown, kids are getting restless and parents are losing the plot. 

And even as lockdown measures slowly begin to lift, the news that schools aren’t ready to re-open just yet means that families across the country could have more weeks of climbing the walls to look forward to. 

In that case, it might just be time to step up your lockdown entertainment plan. If you need a little inspiration for keeping your kids occupied this summer, take a look at these three ways that Manchester parents have been keeping the kids entertained over the past few months.

Chipper Club 

The Chipper Club was started between the wars to keep kids amused and was revived at the beginning of lockdown back in March. 

Online news and updates services In Your Area has been running the project online, setting weekly challenges for children to participate in. Each week’s task is generally arts and crafts themed, and previous weeks have seen young creatives making their own decorative Easter eggs, paper dolls animal prints, and even designing their own lockdown castles.  

Once made, your child can submit their handiwork to In Your Area, who have been compiling the best efforts of youngsters across the country each week. 

Hire a Tutor 

If you’ve struggled to keep track of the mountain of homework schools have been sending out, you’re not on your own, with many families feeling a little clueless when it comes to helping their kids stay on top of their assignments. 

If you’re worried that your children may be missing out, Teachers To Your Home offer tutorial sessions that will help kids catch up. They’re currently offering online support at all educational levels, from primary to GCSE and A Level. 

Hiring a tutor will not only boost your child’s study but can be a great way to instil a sense of routine if that has been lacking over the past few months. Not to mention, the one-to-one sessions can give you a bit of a break! 

Watch a Film

Getting kids of any age to focus can be… challenging. 

And while you may have gone into lockdown with good intentions about cutting down screen time, it’s not always that simple. 

If your kids aren’t the type to sit down and focus on arts and crafts for hours, it’s not the end of the world. And in fact, something as simple as settling down with a film can make for quality family time together. Lockdown hasn’t been easy on anyone, and the combination of popcorn and laughter might be just what your family needs. 

If you’re not sure what to watch, check out this list detailing some of the best family films on Netflix.  

These are our tips for keeping your kids entertained throughout lockdown. Share yours with us in the comments below. 


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