Locals are in for the chance to win studio time with Kano, by replacing 3 bars from hit track ‘Pan-Fried’ in a specially made booth 14th – 15th of February.

adidas Originals and JD Sports have collaborated with music artist Kano in a campaign to celebrate the iconic Superstar shoe with an initiative entitled ‘3 bar Superstar’.

Actor and musician Kano has given over his track ‘Pan Fried’ wiping out 3 bars from the track and inviting the JD audience to submit their own 3 bars in its place.

From today, adidas and JD Sports are inviting talented locals in Manchester to submit their own 3 bars in its place – creating a ‘3 bar superstar’.

“Do what’s best for this piece of music but also bring yourself to it as well. Don’t try and emulate what the artist before yourself has done. Try and bring your stamp. Uniqueness and creativity, those are the key things to stand out in a featured verse.”


To be part of the undiscovered talent in Manchester, head along to the specialist recording studio experience in Arndale Centre on 14th and 15th Feb. The booth is open to all of Manchester’s most talented members of the public to come and drop their own version of the 3 bars, to be in for a chance of featuring on Pan Fried and winning a studio session with Kano himself.

Manchester is the first city in a UK tour, launching today until Saturday. Other cities include London (18th-19th Feb) and Birmingham (22-23rd Feb).

Kano’s ambition is to search, celebrate and shine the light on emerging talent via the 3 bar gap opportunity, as one entry will be selected and win a recording session and be mentored by himself.

With three bar superstar, adidas and JD are helping new musical voices to be heard from around the UK.

“The role that music can play in terms of giving young people a voice. I was that young kid growing up and interested in music and found that it was a way to express myself.”



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