24 alleged drug dealers have been arrested this morning in an undercover police operation as part of Operation Vulcan

Almost 300 officers from across the force raided  addresses across Greater Manchester. In total, 22 men and two women, aged 18 – 45, have been arrested on suspicion of being concerned in the supply of class A drugs.

They remain in police custody whilst we search their houses. So far, police have seized almost £10k cash, 100s of snap bags of drugs, and recovered several crucial mobile phones and sim cards.

A man on Kensington Avenue was also caught on camera hopping fences in his dressing gown, trying to run from police at his door. It didn’t take long before he was detained and swiftly escorted to custody.

Operation Vulcan Piccadilly launched in September 2023, and was the product of hundreds of hours of interactions with locals, residents, and partners from across Manchester. You told us you wanted us to remove drug dealers from the area, and the action this morning seeks to do just that.

Detective Sergeant Matt Donnelly from Operation Vulcan said: “This was a huge operation, using almost 300 officers from across the force, various covert tactics, and specialist resources from across the region.

“We know how deeply the drugs trade impacts our communities and the violence and depravity it brings with it, which is why we have launched such a major operation to tackle it. By arresting 24 people this morning, I can confidently say we have dismantled and disrupted several different county lines and local drug networks. But we won’t be complacent, and this should be a warning for anyone who thinks criminal activity is welcome in our city.

“We want to make sure criminals are living a life of high anxiety, and I hope that anyone who considers coming to Piccadilly Gardens to deal drugs is constantly looking over their shoulder.”



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