Manchester Town Hall is facing a bill of £2.2m for refurbishment according to a report due to go to the Council’s executive committee this week.

The Grade One listed building, which has been the civic, political and administrative centre of the city since 1885, has never in its their long life, had a comprehensive Repairs, Maintenance and Upgrade Programme carried out.

Following the refurbishment of the Town Hall extension and the Central Library, investigative works were carried out on the Town Hall by City Council officers, alongside a specialist heritage construction team.

The work has identified the Town Hall is in urgent need of Mechanical and Electrical Systems upgrades and essential works to parts of the fabric of the building.

They also found that there is a substantial risk that parts of the building may need to be vacated as they do not meet operational and safety requirements.

Without addressing the backlog of issues, the survey found, would ultimately lead to the building becoming unusable, resulting in the extensive replacement works, redundancy and even potentially disposal.

If approved by the council executive this week, repairs would be carried out which would see replacement of the heating and electrical systems, the repair and refurbishment of windows, high-level stonework and localised areas of the roof.


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