A youth in Ashton was charged with carrying a gun without a license and firing it on Manchester Road Audenshaw.

Pleading guilty, he told the magistrate that he was getting ready for the Germans.

In the national press, there were reports from Berlin that the Kaiser was ill, he was suffering from pneumonia,nervous depression and continuing headaches as was extremely violent to those around him.

The Anti German propaganda continued with news that the Germans had destroyed the memorials set up to commemorate Waterloo.

The Lord Mayor of Manchester called attention to the exceptional case of two Manchester men who had been killed in action.

Samuel McDonald who had been employed by the corporation for over twenty years had been informed of the death of two of his sons, both had been commended for commissions for their bravery at the front, the elder Sgt. Archie had been recommended for the VC

A women who obtained troop relief fund money by fraud was jailed for a month..she had continued to claim money for her son after he had been discharged for being medically unfit and returned to work. The women from Red Bank had claimed ten shillings a week.

Preparations for Xmas were under way. The Evening news reported that the postal authorities were well ahead with dealing with the rush which was expected after 21st of Dec.

Two thousand six hundred temporary workers had been taken on partly to cover the seven hundred and eighty people who were away fighting for their country.

Meanwhile the scaremongers, who had been predicting doom and gloom over the scarcity of Xmas food were very much at sea reported the same paper.

Turkeys and Geese would in normal times be imported from Austria and Hungary but the paper speculated that Russsia fowl could take their place if it were possible to use the supply routes.

The poultry breeding season though had been good in England Scotland and Wales so it was expected demand would be met from the home market.

Bananas were also in good supply as in peace time fifty per cent of the supply would normally go to Germany.


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