A number of high-value watches worth over £100,000 were stolen from an address in Sale on Wednesday police have said.

The victim was in his rear garden in Hazelmere Gardens  when he had heard noises and quickly tried to get back inside the house for safety.

He was grabbed from behind six offenders, and was pulled to the floor before being assaulted with a baseball bat and a sledgehammer.

He was then dragged into his house by the offenders, and was demanded to open his safe which contained a number of high-valued watches. The offenders had taken the contents of the safe before making off on foot into Worthington Park.

The offenders are described as dressed in all black and they were wearing black balaclavas.The victim sustained cuts and bruising to the face and body.

Police are requesting for individuals to come forward if they have been offered the following watches:

A rose gold and brown Rolex Sky Dweller

A rose gold Yacht Master Rolex

A James Cameron Sea Dweller Rolex

An orange Omega Sea Master Planet Ocean

An Omega dress watch

A Tag Monaco

A Tag Aqua Racer

A Tag i-watch


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