A new mini documentary series premiered on 7thJune on YouTube featuring three Manchester creative agencies discussing their journeys from start-up business to fully formed agency.

The documentary is the brainchild of video production agency, Juke Media who commissioned the series after starting out in Manchester themselves two years ago and reflecting on the unique and inspiring stories around the creative agency scene.

The result is “It Starts in Manchester”, a five-part mini documentary series, featuring interviews with agency owners operating in PR, branding and digital marketing in Manchester, who all share their stories, struggles and successes in a set of no holds barred interviews and clips. An episode of the series will be released every Thursday at 6pm.

Those interviewed include Anthony Logan and Alex Mellor, owners of branding agency Noir, Julia Mitchell, Managing Director of Toast PR and Sam Allcock, founder of Custard Online Marketing, a PPC and SEO agency.

“Being able to get out among those driving Manchester’s creative agency scene was a privilege,” said Luke Quine, co-founder of Juke Media.

“It allowed us to see some of our creative business peers in action and not only champion their efforts but learn from some of their struggles too. We hope the resulting series will attract companies to set up in Manchester, as well as inspire the new generation of entrepreneurs to kick start their business careers.”

To watch the first episode of It Starts in Manchester, visit https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDiX72gclyiTtqpQvEUmvIA


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