A surprise party can be great fun. There are usually two types of people who want a surprise party: those who hate surprises but always want one, and those who carefully plan the surprise before acting like they had no idea. Below, we explore how you can throw a wonderful surprise party.


One of the first things on your checklist should be crafting a guestlist. Work out how many people you can fit at your venue, then decide who would be suitable to invite. This list should include provisions for plus ones too. During the invite, you should also mention any dress code if the party has a theme


Decorations can make the party feel extra special. Balloons and banners are essential for a start. But you can also add photobooths with added props and other more extravagant options depending on the theme. This can include bringing in flowers, displays and cups and plates.


Catering is hugely important too. You want everyone at the party to be well fed throughout the evening. This includes, starters, mains, desserts and any little bites throughout the party. Again, you could have the catering correspond to a theme. If your party is celebrating a certain part of the world then you could have the food reflect and celebrate the culture of this place.


You want to get the atmosphere just right too. If you want music and dancing, you might want to consider hiring a DJ for the party. Consider the music taste of the person you’re surprising and search for a DJ who specialises in that genre. 

Things to avoid

You should also include some things to avoid on your surprise party checklist. There’s nothing worse than ruining the surprise in advance of the party! The first rule is to keep the news of the party between guests – if you go around excitedly telling everyone, it’s likely that word will reach the person you’re surprising. Avoid acting weird around this person too: if it looks like you’re up to something, they might be able to guess the surprise. 

A surprise party can be the ideal way to celebrate a birthday or special occasion. Once you’ve gone through the checklist, you should be all set. Just make sure you escort the person to the venue without them suspecting anything and it should be mission accomplished


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