Disco music, pop culture and free chips set the scene as Katy Baird shares her webcam modelling, drug dealing and burger flipping stories to explore what we are and aren’t willing to do for money. 

For the last twenty years, Katy has been at the frontline of the customer service industry. From getting you high to supersizing your whopper meal she has done everything she can to make you happy. 

In this new personal, political performance, Katy puts herself out there one more time to serve you, the great British public, giving you everything you want with a little help from some disco classics, drinks from Katy’s Bar, a mid-show delivery of chips on stage and plenty of ketchup. Touring the UK for the first time, Workshy interrogates why people work, what it means to us and what it means not to have a job to explore identity, class and attitudes to work in society. 

Deviser and performer Katy Baird said: “Workshy is a potted history of my employment life. Over the last twenty years I have spent my time working in Butlins, Burger King, Wetherspoons, as a drug-dealer, as a kitchen porter, on the dole, on the sick, in nightclubs, as a sex-webcam ‘model’ and most recently as an artist and Arts Administrator.

“Workshy is a performance to be enjoyed and to be consumed; it is an opportunity to be able to spend time with new people, to see a bit of your life on stage and to consider how we see and think of people in relation to their working environment. It is about going behind the headlines and challenging the negative media narratives in order to think more about the social structures in place which shape life chances and influence occupational aspiration

“The show has been a labour of love for me over the last three years, which proves at least one thing – maybe I am not that Workshy after all!”

Katy Baird is a Glasgow born, London-based artist and activist who often finds herself in uncomfortable situations of her own making. Her solo work is intimate and autobiographical, reflecting on gender, class and sexuality. She has performed at Live Art festivals and venues across the UK as well as squat parties, clubs and raves.

Thursday 17 November 8pm

Tickets £10 / £8



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