While many businesses have embraced social media in a big way, some have more success with it than others. There’s no denying that social media marketing can be a tricky tightrope to walk; play too safe and you fade into the crowd, take too much of a risk and you could damage your brand image. However, for those businesses which get that balance right, the benefits are numerous and significant. If you’re yet to be convinced and are still sitting on the fence, here are several reasons why you should be investing in a social media strategy for your business.

Become an influencer or thought leader

Establishing yourself as an influential presence in your industry can be incredibly effective in terms of the maximising the reach of your brand and your marketing campaigns. When you create content which others find useful, enlightening and/or thoughtprovoking, you increase the likelihood that it will be shared and engaged with by your audience.

Support your SEO strategy

Social media can also play a significant role in your SEO strategy. There is a lot of debate about whether social media can impact your visibility in search engines, but generally, it’s viewed as useful and can often boost rankings. You should link your websites and social media accounts and can also include a live social media feed in your website so visitors can see that you have a presence on social media. For professional expertise and tailored SEO advice, contact Digital Marketing Reinvented.

Develop your sales funnel

Creating engaging social media content which links back to your eCommerce website could also make a difference to your sales by diversifying your sales funnel. Google Analytics enables you to track the traffic and sales which have been generated by social media so you can ensure your time and effort on social content is well spent.

While search engine marketing is heavily reliant on marketing to people who search with specific queries and email marketing only reaches those prospects we have the email addresses for, social media advertising offers a much larger audience. When someone has engaged with the content you’ve published elsewhere, your sponsored social content and adverts can then be targeted to them via their social media feed.

Manage your business’ reputation and PR strategy

More and more consumers are turning to social media to express their experiences and opinions of brands. This means social media is an outlet for ratings and reviews and if you don’t know what is being said about your brand, you could be missing out on positive and negative feedback which could benefit your business. Positive comments are ideal for use in your marketing, and negative comments give you the opportunity to address and resolve issues and limit damage to your reputation.

You can also use social media to publish news and important information about your brand or products. This is like a press release without a journalist as a middleman and can give you more opportunities to engage with consumers on a more personal and direct level.

Get a deeper insight into your industry

Social media is where we get our news in the modern world from what’s going on around the world to the latest product release or marketing campaign by a competitor in your industry. By ensuring you are monitoring what’s going on in your industry from competitors and customers, you can inform your strategy and stay relevant.

Attract the best professional talent

Most people are using social media whether it’s in a personal or professional capacity. From LinkedIn to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook you can use social media to convey your brand values, company culture and your commitment to excellence and cutting-edge marketing. All of this will make you a much more attractive employer for potential new recruits so you can ensure you get the best talent for your team.


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