Let’s face it, we all want to be the next budding entrepreneur hitting the big time with our latest tech start-up that’s changing the world by being the leader of innovation since the invention of the internet. 

OK so we might not reach such a dizzying height as that, but with reports showing that around half of all small businesses fail within the first five years, it would be a wise investment in your future to complete a business education. 

There is a whole host of schools just waiting for smart people like you to attend their business studies courses. Although it’s a good idea to be wary of which establishment you go to because some degrees are indeed better than others. 

Why business school studies are a good idea

Schools offering a business education like Hult International Business School maintain a proportional and up to date emphasis on current practice and processes in the world of business. So, you won’t be sitting there bored learning about business plans all day. 

Instead you’ll be there finding out how to analyse the latest data and how this affects your customer, meeting other like-minded individuals in a brand new country and learning about fa brand new market. 

But, don’t be disheartened if you’re already in the process of creating and establishing your very own tech start-up. Doing that is an achievement in itself, and you can always learn what you want to learn with a business education which can be studied part-time. 

New entrepreneurs can benefit from a business education as it teaches students the theory of business before or during the practical application of it which gives people in business a far better understanding of this world. 

It’s kind of like swimming. It’s a good idea to learn how to do it before diving in, and if you’re just floating along, it can be a lifeboat. 

Key benefits of a business education for tech start-up owners

There are plenty of benefits to having a business education for tech start-up owners in particular.

This is one industry that literally transforms and changes every day, morphing into the latest new gadget or software that everyone has to suddenly get to grips with as the market completely morphs with it.

With business school studies, you can learn how to look at data and analyse it into a tangible idea – whether it’s a better business plan, marketing strategy, or tone of voice for your target market. 

When you study a business course, you learn what the latest and up to date practice is for anything which pertains to running a successful business and at the moment that’s big data. Big data is what can take a company from 0 and turn it to hero for customers everywhere, especially as we’re all digital now. 

Another big benefit to studying at a business school is that you will learn how to network successfully within your chosen field, a huge factor in the success of your tech start-up, particularly if you want someone to invest in your product. 

Chances are, in the tech world there isn’t going to be too many people who you can talk to about your industry and beyond, particularly if you’re a woman as the field of technology is heavily male-led overall, with figures showing that only 5% of women own start-ups in tech in 2017. 

That’s why it’s more important than ever to get to know other people in your industry and learn how to network and learn from them in ways that you can’t from other outside sources. 

You never know who you might sit next to in class, they could be the next leader in the tech world, or that could be you and you might need to hire your peer one day as they fill a skill gap that you can’t. 

One more reason tech-start up entrepreneurs can benefit from business school studies is that business schools teach students the most up-to-date business models, and in the ever changing world of tech this is more important now than ever. 


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