Any business which aspires toward sustainability has got to take transport seriously. Transport accounts for around a quarter of all carbon emissions, according to government data, and much of this comes from the cars and vans being driven.

Running a sustainable company, therefore, might mean making it easier for employees to make more sustainable driving decisions. This can be done with the help of the right company car.

Why Sustainability Matters

Business has an ethical duty toward sustainability. But it also has a few salient commercial ones. Consumers are increasingly conscious of the effect that their purchasing decisions have on the natural world, and they’re inclined to actively seek businesses with good sustainability credentials.

Environmental Benefits

So, which vehicles represent the sustainable choice? You might be tempted by electric or hybrid vehicles, which produce no emissions at the point of use, and which can pass through the country’s urban clean-air zones.

On the other hand, we might consider the second-hand market. By extending the lifespan of older vehicles, we’re avoiding the necessity that new ones be manufactured. This is especially worthwhile in situations where the vehicle isn’t going to put in too many miles, and so the efficiency gains of an electric vehicle aren’t going to be offset by the environmental cost of producing a lithium-ion battery.

By developing an ongoing relationship with used car dealers near you, you’ll have access to a steady supply of used vehicles. You might look at dealerships based local to the Manchester area, or slightly further afield at car dealers in Leeds.

Benefits for You and Your Employees

The benefits of a company car are many. We’ve already outlined the positive effect that the right strategy can have on the environment. You’ll reduce your business’s carbon footprint – but, more than that, you’ll cement the values of the company in the minds of everyone who works for it, and you’ll be able to bring in the talent that will make your business truly flourish.

What are the Best Sustainable Cars?

In the hybrid category, several vehicles stand apart. We should consider not just quantifiable factors like fuel efficiency, but the likely appeal that the vehicle will hold for potential new recruits.

There’s the BMW 330e, which is efficient as well as practical. The same might be said of the Volvo XC40 Recharge, and the Toyota Prius Prime. If you’d like to go fully electric, however, it’s difficult to beat the Tesla Model 3, with its impressive range and performance.


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