Over the years, paid search or PPC has evolved as one of the most influential and successful online advertising channels. So much so, a majority of businesses uphold PPC critical to their business success. 

Do you think paid search ads can deliver significant results for your business as well? Let’s understand what PPC is and why it is referred to as the best form of paid ads.  

What is Paid Search Ads or PPC ads? 

Pay-per-click search ads campaign is a marketing strategy where an advertiser pays search engines a certain sum for every click on his ad. It can be interpreted as a deal where you pay search engines for the visits you earn on your website or PPC landing page.


Statistics that describe the success of PPC marketing strategy:

  • Google Ads with a transactional keyword receive 65% of the total clicks on SERP, while organic results capture only 35%. 
  • Businesses generate an average of $2 as returns for every $1 spent in Google Ads.
  • PPC visitors are 50% more likely to make a transaction as compared to organic visitors.   
  • Search ads can boost your brand awareness by up to 80%. 
  • 75% of users report that paid search ads make it easier to find the most relevant information for their search query. Moreover, 33% said this is why they click on search ads to answer their queries directly. 

So, are you convinced to hire PPC experts and kick-off your new PPC campaign today? If not, below are the top reasons to consider PPC as a stellar marketing channel.

Top Benefits of Using Paid Search Ads:

1. Immediate and Consistent Traffic

Paid search ads help you find a door to the top of SERPs. Usually, paid search ads are positioned as the top 3-4 results on the SERPs. And that is where search engines capture a majority of the clicks.

“The success of every website now depends on search engine optimization and digital marketing strategy. If you are on the first page of all major search engines then you are ahead among your competitors in terms of online sales.” ― Dr. Christopher Dayagdag

Google processes approximately 5.8 billion search queries per day, and your paid search ads offer you a prominent exposure to this massive traffic.

Moreover, PPC is the fastest marketing channel for creating and implementing an ad campaign. If you hire an experienced PPC expert, he can get your paid campaign up and running within an hour. 

It can be great exposure for startups or new digital businesses, who can create search ad campaigns and start attracting traffic to their new website from the first day itself. 


With an experienced PPC management company or partner, you can expect good returns and conversions from your campaign within a week.

Paid search ads service doesn’t just quench your quest for instant traffic, but the traffic you get is consistent and controllable. You can control the traffic you get by managing the daily budget of your ads and your bid. 

2. You Pay Only When a Visitor Clicks on Your Ad

Unlike the traditional marketing platforms, paid search ads or PPC advertising is a simple strategy where you only pay for your ad listing when a user clicks on your ad listing. 

The amount you pay per click on your ad is the current Cost-per-Click of the keywords used in your ad. This sum is deducted from your daily budget and your ad will stop showing once this budget gets deleted. To display your ad again, you need to replenish the fund. 

Now, a PPC expert can help you optimize the performance of your ad campaigns and increase your returns from the campaigns. 

Most businesses add PPC as a crucial part of their online marketing strategy. 

3. Paid Search Ads are Measurable and Trackable

You can link your Google search ads with Google analytics and track all your campaigns’ high-level performance details. This data includes clicks, conversions, sessions, bounce rate, etc. 

When you hire PPC experts, they can track your data and measure your ad campaigns’ performance to optimize them and grow your returns. 

There is no mystery, and all your ad performance details are transparent. It helps you scrutinize your campaigns better. PPC is not akin to other channels where there is no clear picture for attribution of investment to the returns.

4. Detailed Targeting Options


Paid search ads offer you precise targeting options where you can exactly reach out to the audience most relevant for your business. 

You can target PPC ads only to attract the leads that are most likely to convert. 

One can choose the demographics, interests, keywords, and the audience to show their PPC ads. Moreover, the marketers can schedule the ads to a specific time of the day and particular days in a week to get the maximum returns. 

With the growing number of digital devices, the ads can be shown on mobile platforms as well, as they account for over 50% of Google search queries lately.   

5. Paid Search Ads Benefits to Other Marketing Channels

Content marketing has enveloped the digital marketing world in many areas, helping marketers reap long-term results. Paid search ad campaigns act as a catalyst to your content marketing strategies, where you can source relevant traffic for your content through search engines.

With this, PPC campaigns help you collect a lot of data about audience interests, high-performing keywords for your business, and the primary lead data. You can use this data to optimize your SEO efforts and grow your ROI from SEO campaigns.

PPC allows you to capture real-time data that marketers can use to fuel your social media remarketing strategies. One typical example is Facebook Remarketing. Moreover, you can use it for other direct marketing strategies.

Summing Up

Paid search ads suit exceptionally well for all types of businesses – small, medium, or large enterprises. So much so, the channel solely leads the entire marketing strategy for many companies.

One could always hire PPC experts to optimize all the campaign components and generate high-potential leads from them. Owing to the long list of benefits like – targeted reach, instant & consistent traffic, and measurable performance, paid search campaigns are referred to as one of the most successful marketing channels.

If you have still not added paid search ads strategy to your marketing investment, you are definitely missing out on a huge business growth potential.





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