Back in the ’90s in the gaming arena, the keyboard was the king. It has been 30 years now, and not many changes have been seen. However, there has been some minor advancement in the gaming industry. Today, we will have a look at the available alternatives to the standard keyboard: Gaming Keypads


The current dominating gaming controls are the mouse and the keyboard. They have been in use since Windows 1.0 was released. Sadly, not all gamers like the keyboard. Every player has reasons why they don’t want the keyboard. Some will say, there are too many keys, some say the keyboard isn’t comfortable for gaming. So, how will gaming be comfortable for everyone? Of late, there have been several alternatives for game controls. This has been extended even to the software, where several games don’t require many inputs.

Here are some of the unusual alternatives that work best for gaming:

  • Gaming Keypad
  • Gamepads
  • Joysticks

Gaming Keypad

What if someone resizes your keyboard to the size of your palm and insert an analog stick? How crazy can it look? Well, that’s what a gaming keypad is! Many gamers call it keyboard’s younger brother. The gaming keypad is more modernized as compared to the keyboard. You will find additional keys for volume, ESC key, and perhaps F1 to F12. Gaming keypads were specifically made for gaming. Many gamers find it as the best control ever!

If you’re wondering what are the main advantages of using one:

  • Extra comfort while gaming. You don’t have to move your hands to press other keys. The reason is that all functions are at your fingertips.
  • It is purely gaming keys. You will never find any foreign key that is not for gaming. Gaming keypads are made only to play games. You will not also miss any key.
  • More keys. Gaming keypads has several keys but not as a keyboard. More keys enable the execution of commands to be more comfortable. These keys will be at your fingertips.
  • Size friendly. Do you hate the keyboard’s size? If so, you are lucky! Gaming keypads are smaller in size and can easily fit into your palms.
  • Additional features. Gaming keypad comes with several extras to benefit! 

You are more likely to love the gaming experience when using a gaming keypad. Some of the extras may include USB ports, Headset ports, macro buttons, and the volume button.

Despite all those fantastic benefits to enjoy from a gaming keypad, gamers always find it expensive. Well, the price of a gaming keypad is higher than that of a keyboard or even a gamepad.

You will also experience a rise in price when you choose to buy a gaming keypad that has a thumbstick and a wrist rest. Be assured the price of gaming keypad is worth it. You will love the experience and play your favorite game over and over without difficulty.

While choosing the best gaming keypads to buy, there are some aspects you need to consider. They include:

  • Number of keys
  • Comfortability
  • Additional keys
  • Profiles
  • Analog stick
  • Backlighting


Gamepads are currently becoming very popular among gamers. There are several reasons behind this.

Many players like the gamepads because of the availability of the analog stick. When playing action games, adventure games, and others, controlling the movement using the analog stick is more comfortable as compared to the WASD keys.

Furthermore, many gamers like how simple the gamepad is! Imagine the whole keyboard with numerous keys!

A gamepad only has four buttons. This is opposed to several keys in keyboards. The gamepad is also very small in size. If you are a newbie in gaming, you will quickly memorize the four buttons of the gamepad within a short time.

Gamers who love to play action games don’t find the gamepads interesting due to some reasons. They claim gamepads are ideal for movement but rather not suitable where accuracy is needed! For instance, when aiming at your enemy and need to have a headshot, it will be hard to achieve when using a gamepad.

This makes gamepad not suitable for snipers and shooters. Many still find the gaming mouse as the best fit for this.


Have you ever used joystick before when playing games? Well, the joystick had gone several modifications since the invention in 1926.

The first joystick was made in a U.S. Naval Research Laboratory to control a war aircraft remotely.

Joysticks have been made to be compatible with computers. Some of the possible ways to connect your computer with a joystick are through:

  • USB port
  • Serial port
  • Game port
  • Bluetooth

Do you like games that have space flights? If so, you need to start thinking about buying a joystick.

Even if you just bought one of the best keyboard and mouse in the market, you can’t feel that you are fully immersed when flying an aircraft without a joystick!

It appears very weird when flying a war jet with a keyboard. Flight simulations will always be amazing when using a joystick.

However, many gamers say joysticks takes up so much space. Joysticks are cheaper as compared to their rivals, and they are worth their price. The only consideration when buying a joystick is the available space at your desk.

Final words

If you hate the keyboard when playing games, there are other several gaming peripheral devices you can choose. The keyboard wasn’t designed for gaming. When playing several games online with other human players, keyboards aren’t ideal.

Online gaming is very competitive; hence you need to be well equipped. Even with ergonomic versions of the keyboards, the comfort is still not worth it. Gamers always complain of feeling strained the next day after using them.

If perhaps you are a die-hard gamer, then you need to find out the best gaming control alternative for you.










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