Doors are the gateway to your privacy in your home, car, or workplace. For many people, calling a random locksmith every time the locks have a problem can feel like they are exposing this privacy. To avoid this feeling, they choose to keep one locksmith over a long period.

Unfortunately, this can also have you remaining with a bad locksmith for a long time. The usual logic is that as long as he can change and repair locks he is good for the job. This is a flawed logic.

For someone that handles your last line of privacy and security, you should vet their expertise as well as character.

If your long-term locksmith exhibits the following characteristics, dismiss them and get a new one. You can also use the criteria to when looking for a good locksmith company.

Uninsured and lack license or certification

Installing and fixing locks is not as easy as it appears. Just like any other skill, only those that have been trained well can do the job well. And if the person doing it isn’t well trained, there is a high likelihood that they will destroy the lock, the door, or both.

If your locksmith isn’t licensed or insured, you can’t report him to any professional agency and you wouldn’t be paid any damages.

This is why some cities require that every locksmith must be licensed and insured before they are allowed to advertise themselves. If the person you have been dealing with is not insured or licensed, replace them with a licensed locksmith Bradford because:

  • Licensed ones have been assessed and found to be competent. Also, they have to ensure they do their job satisfactorily to avoid being deregistered.
  • You have a channel to voice any dissatisfaction with the work they do and get it addressed
  • Even the well trained professionals make mistakes sometimes. If an insured locksmith messes your door or lock, their insurance cover will readily compensate.


A good locksmith should be able to give you an estimate of the total fees before he even starts to work on it. If your locksmith starts working directly and starts pulling out some odd figures as the work progresses, it’s time to dump him. Such a locksmith will also not give you exact details about their tariffs and the peak or off-peak times.

Another sign of insincere locksmiths is that their first suggestion is normally to replace the lock without seriously considering repair. The trick here is that replacing a lock means higher charges.

Bad Reviews

You check online and realize there are quite a number of negative reviews for the person or company that has been handling your locks. You might be inclined to give them benefit of doubt because they have not messed up your locks.

Don’t do that especially if they have not taken time to respond to those reviews. Such scenarios mean that you at risk of being messed up and being left without recourse. Don’t wait for you to experience the negative encounters personally.

Get a new locksmith with better reviews and reputation.

Get a specialized locksmith Bradford

Don’t trust any locksmith Bradford that tells you they can handle all types of locks. The kind of expertise needed to fix a safe lock is different from the one required for a car lock. The people that are that versatile and can handle different types of locks often tend to be average on all the locks.

Specialized locksmiths, on the other hand, offer high quality services in their area of specialization. They are also more likely to keep themselves up to date on new and emerging trends in their field.

Final thoughts

Modern locks may look simple on the outside but they are complicated and delicate. A small error when installing or repairing them could cause irreparable damage. At the same time there is an increase in the number of locksmith Bradford advertising their trade. Needless to say, such a scenario must host a couple of quacks.

It is up to you to discern and differentiate the genuine expert from the fake ones. Only then can you be sure that your doors and locks are safe.


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