The start of the year 2020 came with a wave the world least expected. The pandemic wave of the coronavirus continues to leave a massive impact on various national and global economies. The global impact of the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect a lot of sectors, including the tech and connectivity industry.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, a lot of things about the world have changed. A lot of countries are on lockdown, and there is a restriction of movements in some other parts. A lot of companies have shut down, and most people have no choice but to start working from home.

These effects do not only affect one sector or industry. Even the tech and connectivity industry is grossly affected. Here are some significant ways coronavirus will affect the tech and connectivity industry.

  • Delay and Stoppage Of Production: Since the outbreak of coronavirus, a lot of productions in the tech and connectivity industry has been on hold. The sad part of this effect is that they will continue to be on hold until the lockdown and movement in most parts of the work are no longer restricted. The lockdown forced most of these industries to shut down as part of the measures to curb the fast spread of the virus.
  • Bridge in The Supply Chain: as part of the measures by the government of many countries to protect their territories, most land, sea, and air borders are currently locked to regulate immigration and emigration of both humans and materials. This restriction will undoubtedly affect the tech and connectivity industry. Aside from the fact that getting their raw materials will become difficult, it will also affect the supply of their products. Consequently, the inflow of raw materials and the number of products across and even within borders will be severely affected.  
  • Increase in Online Participation: The directive in most parts of the world has forced a lot of people to stay indoors. In a bid to match up with their normal activities, they have switched to online businesses. For instance, as land casinos are closing down, there is increased participation of gamers in online casino. Aside from the fact that it assists them from the comfort of their homes, it also allows more involvement from a wide variety of gamers.

  • Delay in Decision Making and Implementation: Several meetings and seminars that are scheduled to hold in these industries can no longer hold because of the virus. These meetings are essential to many decisions in the tech industry. Considering the inability to travel, lockdown, and social gathering regulations in many parts of the world restricted the possibility of these meetings and seminars being held. Most of these meetings are crucial to the advancement of the industries. For instance, the launching of the 5G network in many parts of the world has been severely affected and delayed.
  • Increase in The Use Of Apps: looking away from the negative effect of coronavirus, a lot of mobile apps are now in increased use. Most notably, health-related apps, including workout and fitness apps, have gained a lot of attention during the coronavirus outbreak. Other apps, such as freelance apps and apps that promote remote work, have also gained significant attention. Consequently, the developers of these apps are part of the few gainers during the coronavirus pandemic.


The world continues to hope for the quick end of the coronavirus, but its effect is increasing across many sectors and industries. The connectivity and tech industry is part of the most affected areas. The results include the alteration of supply chain, stoppage of production, increase in online participation, as well as delay in decision making.



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