Perhaps you have heard of Virtual Private Network (VPN). But do you know what it is and the benefits of using one? 

Here we take a closer look at what a VPN is and five reasons you should consider using one.

What is a VPN?

VPN is a service that encrypts and protects your data and hides your IP address while using the internet. It makes it difficult for third parties to track online activity and steal your data. This service also covers public Wi-Fi networks that can be at risk from data hackers.

It is done by redirecting your connection through specific servers, which your Internet Server Provider ISP cannot track, thus giving you anonymity on all incoming and outgoing traffic on your PC, Mac and mobile devices.

We’ve all seen the spy movies where the police try to track the story’s hero, who is on the run. When he calls the police chief, his connection is masked, showing his call coming from far-flung countries across the world (when he calls them from across the street). Well, this is precisely how a VPN works.

Now you know what a VPN is, here are five reasons to use a VPN:

1 – Protect yourself when using public Wi-Fi

With the busy lives we have, many of us are on the go, whether travelling to work, at the airport, or in a coffee shop. Making the most of free public Wi-Fi is something we have all done. What isn’t made clear is how vulnerable you are to cyber criminals intent on spying on your internet traffic or stealing your data whilst using these Wi-Fi hotspots.

Using a VPN on a laptop or mobile device will offer you protection against these risks and offer peace of mind.

2 – Avoids IPS bandwidth restrictions

If you are in a business or a gamer, some ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) can actively reduce your bandwidth, impacting your ability to send files or updates or inhibiting your gaming experience. With a fast VPN, they cannot see your traffic or limit your bandwidth.

3 – Access blocked content anytime any place

VPN enables you to watch or view content from anywhere in the world. For example, if you wanted to watch a series on the US Netflix streaming service that wasn’t available in the UK, you can access it by appearing as a US viewer.

Likewise, if you are away abroad on holiday or business, you can catch up on your favourite UK shows. This is done by changing your IP address and redirecting your incoming and outgoing traffic through a remote server, enabling you to view blocked websites.

4 – Available across multiple platforms

Using multiple devices doesn’t restrict you from benefiting from VPN. The more established VPN companies allow you to use android, iOS, macOS or Windows machines, with some also offering the added benefit of the best antivirus for Windows.

5 – Protection from Governmental scrutiny

It might not seem like a pressing issue in the UK, but you may have heard of Government censorship? Some countries block access to non-state-sponsored news, social media channels, and any literature criticising those in power. 

As a result, Governments can have access to ISP’s who operate in their country. Whilst this varies from country to country, they can use this to track your internet usage. Furthermore, with some cross border agreements, this data can be shared with other countries or government departments.

A VPN can stop governments from being able to track your online data.

A final word

As good as this software is it, is not perfect, and we would always recommend making sure you have up to date antivirus in place to protect against malware or cybercriminals.

How much this will benefit you depends on your online usage, whether business, gaming, social media, or watching your favourite show abroad. What isn’t in doubt is that it does cover a wide range of areas.

As our internet usage has increased, especially over the last two years (since the global Covid 19 pandemic), so has the risk of cybercrimes and data theft. So keep yourself safe and look into installing a VPN.


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