We will all be hoping for clear skies tonight as a super moon as just after seven o’ clock tonight the moon will arrive at its closest point to Earth in 2020,a distance of 221,772 miles.

When a so-called “supermoon” lies close to the horizon, it can look absolutely enormous. That is when the famous “moon illusion” combines with reality to produce a truly stunning view.

For reasons not fully understood by astronomers or psychologists, a low-hanging moon looks incredibly large when hovering near to trees, buildings and other foreground objects. The fact that the moon will be much closer than usual this week might only serve to amplify this strange effect

The full moon is the first full moon of the spring season . . . the so-called “Paschal Moon,” that helps set the date of Easter. The general rule is, the first Sunday after the occurrence of the Paschal Moon is designated as Easter. And indeed, after this full moon on Tuesday, April 7, the following Sunday (April 12) will be Easter.

The moon of course isn’t actually pink, it’s named after the bloom of ground phlox, a pink flower common in North America at this time of the year.

The moon rise at 7.08pm tonight in Manchester


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