The days are getting lighter, flowers are blossoming, and Easter eggs are in the shops. Spring is well and truly here. For many people across the country, it’s a time to get cleaning and freshen things up. You could carry that mindset and apply it to your wardrobe. From sort outs to seasonal essentials, what are some ways you can get your spring wardrobe started? 

Seasonal Rotation

Not many of us have the space to have all four seasons in our wardrobe. So it’s a good idea to pack away your winter clothing to give yourself more room for what you’ll wear as the weather begins to get warmer. From floral tops to light women’s trousers – find items you’ll wear the most. Top tip: get some vacuum-sealed bags to help save space when putting away your bulky winter layers.

Get Sorting

During your seasonal rotation, you may as well evaluate your wardrobe. How often do you wear certain clothes? Do you still like them? It can help to create separate piles to help you organise your clothes and what you’re going to do with them. These can include: keep, donate, and repair.  

Old to New

Of course, during a sort out you might find pieces you still love but they just don’t fit right anymore. Rather than worry about changing your body, think about how you change your clothes. The fashion team at Glamour recommend using a tailor. It can give a whole new lease of life to your outfits. You could transform an old pair of jeans into shorts, or turn an old maxi skirt into a dress. Use your sewing savvy – or friends with know-how – and you can turn old looks into a new style. 

Think Sustainably 

While it may be tempting to think out with the old and in with the new for your spring style, you should think carefully about your fashion choices. Your wardrobe can have a huge impact on the environment. If you do want to treat yourself with some clothes, think of pieces that will last you for years to come and not just this season. There are ways to create a concise, effective, spring wardrobe.  Think of the classics: floral dress,  white blouse, and canvas trainers. Timeless pieces go a long way.

Spring is the perfect time to revamp your wardrobe and get it ready for a new season. What are some of your tips for sorting out a spring wardrobe? 



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