With lockdown restrictions slowly easing, the pressure is on to ensure businesses comply with Government guidelines to ensure hygiene precautions and social distancing measures are introduced.

With changes likely to be in place for the foreseeable future, many businesses are struggling with where to start and how to implement the necessary modifications.

Many modern office layouts and restaurant spaces will have to be adjusted to prevent the spread of infection and minimise the effect of any future outbreaks.

The team at ViriGuarD recognise that offering flexibility is key. They manufacture moveable protection screens which are easy to deep clean and can be simply installed between dining tables, office workspaces/receptions, salons and nurseries, together with hand sanitisation units, offering a quick and effective way to protect staff.

Their mission is to help people in all kinds of organisations, giving confidence and safety when adapting to the new workplace environment. They are currently able to meet large and small scale demand for:

– Barrier protection; including clear or tinted moveable restaurant dividers, clear acrylic -desktop dividers, reception, and counter barriers.
– Freestanding and mounted sanitisation points and handwashing stations.
– Sanitisation protection including alcohol hand gel.
– PPE including face screens, masks & visors

We’re delighted by the hugely positive response to our screens, particularly from hospitality venues and offices who have found our flexible solution to be of great benefit.  The pressure is on to regain efficiency and productivity to lessen the impact on our economy while making sure employees feel safe and secure. Our separator screens can be brought out or taken away as the situation dictates addressing many of the restrictions companies currently face.

Conor Slattery, ViriGuarD’s Managing Director

Full details about their current range of products are available here.



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