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A vacant town centre office building in Sale has been transformed into 80 much-needed apartments by Regency Residential.

Regency Residential has also launched eight high-spec flats on George Street in the heart of Altrincham, as it continues its push to regenerate key areas of suburban towns by bringing forward new residential developments.

Acre House now boasts 64 two-bedroom and 16 one-bedroom apartments, with over 70% sold off plan.

Michael Fenlon, sales and marketing director, said: “We are very proud of Acre House as it was a vacant office building that has been totally rejuvenated into 80 high specification apartments since work started on-site eight months ago.

“Regency Residential sets its self apart from its competition by not requiring investors monies to build any developments; meaning all investors’ money is protected and secure.

“Along with our partner, Intro Developments, we have really thought about what the local area wanted and what the people needed. The result is that we have breathed life back into a building that has a prominent location in a popular commuter suburban town.”

He added: “In addition, we have also launched eight apartments in the heart of Altrincham, three of which have already been sold; by changing the upper parts of a well-known commercial building into high specification apartments, and finding a long-term tenant in the “Salvation Army”, we are bringing life back into the historic market town.”


The Manchester based firm, which has a property pipeline of over 4,500 residential units across the UK, only requires a minimum payment of 10 per cent on exchange.

Chris Burgess, business development manager, said: “As a company, we offer security and a high-quality standard of product, and are directly involved in identifying, choosing, planning and developing all sites with our partner Intro Developments. We believe it is unique, especially when compared with other companies in the investment market, as essentially our clients’ money is protected and not used to fund any of the build.


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