Those who need fast, responsive broadband need not look any further.

In April, Utility Warehouse (UW) hosted its first Partner Power Up event, a virtual summit of company updates, training sessions, and success stories for Authorised UW Partners (independent distributors who recommend UW’s home services to people they know). Key staff from UW’s headquarters made several announcements during Power Up, including the news that the multi-award-winning home service provider will now roll out the next level of broadband for customers.

This broadband, Full Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), enables impressive multi-device streaming, speed, reliability, and performance. The technology future-proofs homes by delivering broadband directly to properties through fibre-optic cables instead of outdated copper cables. Openreach is already installing these cables across the UK, and thousands of households are gaining access to full-fibre broadband every week.

With FTTP rollout well underway, UW Partners are ready to help customers save on their internet services, all while enjoying the fast speeds and responsiveness that come with the next generation of broadband technology.

Introducing Full Fibre to the Premises

At the cutting edge of broadband technology, FTTP follows the previous generation of broadband – Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) – which offers superior speeds over standard broadband but only offers fibre-optic cabling to the street. Meanwhile, FTTP offers fibre-optic cabling directly to properties, enabling quicker speeds and stronger connections for households throughout the UK.

While traditional FTTC offers speeds of up to 80Mbps, FTTP allows customers to access download speeds of up to 1,000Mbps. To put this into perspective, customers with FTTP can download a TV show in under 15 seconds. This huge upgrade is a gamechanger for those who work from home, share homes with multiple internet-users, or access multiple devices at the same time.

What’s more, the network is accessible to all providers, so UW customers who want to enjoy the benefits of full-fibre broadband don’t have to worry about switching. UW Partners can use an online coverage map to check which areas are due for connection next and advise customers on when to expect access to FTTP.

Best broadband price

In an era where broadband has never been more important, UW is leading the way by helping customers access FTTP at the most affordable price. New customers who take all UW home services can sign up for a discounted price throughout May and June 2021, no matter which broadband service they sign up for. 

Here’s how UW’s broadband deal compares to its competitors’ prices.

·      New UW customers pay £20/month for the first 6 months of their 18-month contracts – no matter what broadband package they take out – and £36/month for the remaining 12 months of their Full Fibre 100 contracts, £34.19/month for Ultra+ customers and £29.69/month for Ultra customers. 

·       Meanwhile, Sky customers pay £35/month over 18-month contracts and £40/month from the end of these contracts.

·       Virgin customers pay £28/month over 18-month contracts and £44/month from the end of these contracts.

·       BT customers pay £34.99/month over 24-month contracts and £50.33/month from the end of these contracts.

·       And TalkTalk customers pay £32/month over 24-month contracts and £39.95/month from the end of these contracts.

UW offers the lowest price point for full-fibre broadband and includes a bonus 10% multiservice discount.

Amazon eero discount

Thanks to UW’s partnership with Amazon’s groundbreaking eero technology, customers who bundle at least one home service with their broadband package can also rent three or more discounted eeros. When teamed with fibre broadband, these innovative devices make for a fantastic in-home experience.

eero technology can help customers get the best possible Wi-Fi signal in their homes by enabling responsive online browsing and quick download speeds. eero devices are especially ideal for customers who need high-level coverage in larger homes or properties with thick walls. Often, these households struggle to get a connection in their favourite work spots or struggle to stream films/TV shows in attics or basements. If you’ve struggled to get a good broadband connection in the past, eeros could be a great solution for you.

eero devices are usually £100 each, but UW customers can rent these devices for £2.50 per month to save while building a full home-mesh Wi-Fi system. Usually, three eero units are more than enough to improve the Wi-Fi signal in a house, though customers can rent more devices if necessary. Customers can simply plug these devices into their routers to reap the benefits.

UW is also including free ‘eero secure’ protection for all customers who rent the devices. This suite of home internet security coverage is worth £2.99 per month, protects devices against malware/viruses, and allows parents to control content access for their children.

It’s easy to add eeros and a router to your broadband package when signing up for FTTP. Customers taking Ultra or Ultra+ fibre broadband can add UW’s Value Router and three eeros for £7.50/month. Meanwhile, customers taking FTTP broadband can add UW’s faster Premium Router and three eeros for £8.50/month.

In comparison, BT’s whole-home Wi-Fi service totals at £10/month, billed on top of its broadband package.

Learn more about UW’s broadband service.

About Utility Warehouse

UW knows customers rely on fast, responsive broadband and provides the speedy, reliable connections these customers need. But broadband isn’t the only home service UW offers. The FTSE 250 company also bundles gas, electricity, mobile, broadband, home insurance, and boiler cover services into great value monthly deals. Customers can then forget about their utilities and focus on the things that are most important to them.

Over 650,000 customers throughout the UK make the most of UW’s multiservice bundles, enjoying additional benefits such as free smart meter upgrades and the option to save up to 7% on their high street shopping with a cashback card.

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