Everyone would love to have a private garden attached to their property as it’s ideal for spending summer days lounging around, or entertaining guests with a BBQ. Although a bigger garden might be desirable, if you live in a property that has a smaller garden you might struggle to know what to do with it. However, there is a lot you can do with a smaller garden to make it incredibly beautiful and idyllic – you just need to make the most of the space you have. Below are some ideas for how you can utilise the space in your small garden this summer.

Hang Some Planters on the Walls

If you don’t have a lot of floor space in the garden but still want it to be full of greenery, you could always make the most out of your garden walls. Growing plants vertically is great, but you’ll still need to use beds or pots at ground level to do this. Instead, fixing planters to your walls or hanging them from your fence is perfect for growing beautiful flowers and vines that appear to be floating around the perimeter of your garden.

Get a Lean-to Greenhouse

If you would like to start growing herbs, tomatoes, chillies, peppers or other vegetables that prefer warmer climates you might want to invest in a greenhouse. The problem is, if you have a smaller garden you might struggle to fit a standard-sized greenhouse into it. If you want to save space, consider getting a lean-to greenhouse instead. They can be put up against your garden wall or the exterior wall of your property, which saves some space, and they are still just as effective.

Build a BBQ

If you don’t have a big shed to store equipment in over winter, you could always build a BBQ instead. Yes, you can get tarps to cover BBQs to keep them safer in the cold weather, but building a BBQ will allow you to have one that is the perfect size for your garden and could even add value to your property as it’s a feature that isn’t commonly found, but would be quite desirable. You can also choose bricks that fit in with the rest of the stonework in your garden for the perfect finish.

Separate Your Garden into Sections

Another way to make the most of the space in a small garden (or any size garden) is by separating it into sections. If you do enjoy growing vegetables, etc., put up a border between your allotment area and the main part of the garden that you entertain guests in. Patios and decking are also good ways to create a separate space in your garden, and if you have kids, why not turn one section into their play area?

Use Your Seating as Storage

If you have a very small garden area that doesn’t have a lot of room for a shed, you should look into buying benches that can double up as storage units. This way, you can enjoy comfortable seating when you want to go and spend time in your garden, but you can still keep your tools, seeds and other gardening items neatly stored away without having to find space for them inside your house.

Turn your small garden into the perfect private paradise this year by using these space-saving tips.


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