The Tory Betting scandal crisis has deepened today

Many more people than those already identified are reportedly being investigated by the gambling regular over allegations that bets were placed on election the date.

The Watchdog has reportedly widened its inquiries to investigate whether people with inside knowledge may have asked a third party to place a bet on their behalf

A senior Conservative official became the fourth party figure subject to an investigation by the gambling watchdog,after the Sunday Times revealed that Nick Mason, the Tories’ chief data officer was part of its inquiry into bets on the timing of the election,

Labour’s National Coordinator Pat McFadden has now written to Andrew Rhodes, Chief Executive of the Gambling Commission, asking for the maximum disclosure in the public interest of the Tory insider betting scandal and to confirm there is nothing stopping Government Ministers from declaring if they bet on the election date.

The Lib Dem deputy leader Daisy Cooper told Sky News  that “The Conservatives are clearly knee deep in this awful, awful scandal”.


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