With Covid-19 on everyone’s minds right now, it can be hard to live life as one once did. This year there has been a dramatic rise in people using technology for a wide range of lockdown activities. Whether it’s for virtual conferences, chatting with friends , or ordering takeout food, technology has made things a little easier for us all. Zoom was quite popular this year for business meetings, pub quizzes, and friendship group catch ups. Sainsbury’s has also announced that they will launch a virtual queuing app trial to help customers save time and shop safely. 

Preparing For A Virtual Date Night

Due to the current social distancing situation, dating from home has also become the new norm. It’s actually quite exciting and can be less nerve-racking than an actual first date in-person! Granted, you should still prepare as best you should before you choose your favorite app to have that video chat with. Other than looking your very best, virtual daters must also be cognisant of their background. Make sure that you choose a neat and tidy room to conduct your video in. Embarrassed easily? That’s not a worry at all! Just remember to put away anything personal, any private information or anything that you’re not ready for your virtual partner to see yet!

Look Your Best!

Looking your best should be obvious, but still, it’s important to reiterate that you make an outstanding first impression with your virtual date. As we are all staying home right now, the tendency to wear the same comfy clothes each day is apparent. Please don’t do this! Now is your chance to wear your Sunday best! Just because it’s a webcam date, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress up. The following applies for both sexes: iron your clothes if you must, comb your hair, shave, wear makeup, do your nails, and even wear your favourite jewellery. Also, it’s important to note that womens designer watches are a big hit with guys because they add a dash of sparkle to your arm and wrist movements.

Virtual Date Activities

First of all, choose your favorite application to video chat with. Some examples include, but are not limited to: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Skype, FaceTime, etc. Most people tend to use these apps to communicate with friends, family, and co-workers. Chances are you’ve already done video conferencing with friends, family, and coworkers during the quarantine, so what’s the harm in doing it with a virtual date?! Of course, video dating could cause some nervousness and anxiety, after all, you’re technically meeting someone for the first time, just not in-person. So, in order to break the ice and have something to do and or chat about, consider downloading certain party apps that allow users to play games together while on video. Some of these applications include, but are not limited to: Houseparty, Switchboard, Bonfire, Squad, Hangouts, etc. Each one of these apps allows for users to share content in a way that is interactive, fun, and enjoyable for everyone! What’s great is you may end up using these apps with your friends and family if it went over well with your date. If you’re both into the same films or tv shows, then Netflix Party is also a great extension to use to watch your favourite things together. 

Important Things To Keep In Mind

It’s crucial that you communicate, or at least try to communicate well with your date. For some people, this can be easy because the environments are relaxed on either end – after all, you’re in your house, safe and sound. For others, the anxiety of meeting someone new can be really challenging. This may take the form of freezing up, being over-agreeable, or just not acting like yourself. So, remember to take deep breaths, have a glass of water nearby, and remember that you are safe and sound in your home, and that the real pressures of meeting someone in public have been drastically reduced! Still, it should be noted that you will be video conferencing with a stranger, albeit a stranger you are attracted to. Bumble & RAINN have some useful advice to help you stay safe with their online dating safety tips. Blocking and reporting suspicious users and never sharing personal information are very important things to remember. You should always take extreme caution when it comes to sharing and oversharing with this individual. Keep in mind that you haven’t actually met yet, so it’s always good form to keep an eye out for scams. 


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