Are you wondering if you can obtain a Doctorate in Business after qualifying your post-graduation? If so, then this blog can help you be well informed about your decision in doing a PhD. Read on to find out why you might want to get a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) or a PhD degree in Business Administration.

1. Higher salary prospects.

Just like any other higher education, a PhD in Business Administration commands a good salary. Earning a Doctorate in Business Administration will pave way for the extra income when coupled with some relevant experience. Your pay scale will also depend on the type of industry you choose to work for, with Finance and Accounting being the highest and marketing, operations and strategy providing mid-range salaries.

2. Allows you to be a social scientist for business organisations

You can also choose to explore your interest in learning and advancing knowledge about business organizations and firms, including their way of functioning. Candidates may also delve into the path of innovation, entrepreneurship, markets and everything else related to how businesses organise.

3. Learn how Science is connected to Business

Getting a PhD in Business Administration will provide you with a dynamic version of the world of business, unlike an undergraduate programme or a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) that depicts the business world as rather static. Understanding how mathematics and science work within business firms not only enables you to perceive that it is constantly changing every day but also allows you to discover new insights.

4. Numerous job options

Elite universities that provide a PhD in Business Administration programme generally train their students to become eligible to work in a broad span of business sectors. Then again the job options are mostly restricted to the superior-most positions within an establishment, including consulting and advisory positions.

5. Gives you the Entrepreneurial boost

A majority of students after completing their PhDs in Business Administration instil in themselves a very entrepreneurial mind-set. You are expected to become very entrepreneur-like and innovative, as well as create your own research path. You can either choose to become a researcher, an administrator, a lecturer or a blend of all of these career paths.

6. Move ahead into the field of research

The plethora of option to pursue your research can make it highly-uncertain to stick to a single genre. You get the opportunity to craft your thoughts into a journal paper and even go ahead to patent your unique method of research or theory.

7. You can move around the world

A PhD in a Business programme will definitely require you to move. Majoring in a PhD research programme will need you to live with various research institutes spread across the world. So, just move to the place that best suits their research interests or consider co-locating.

PhDs are self-serving programmes, which can allow you to see your own reputation grow. Graduating with a DBA in Berlin can be the gateway to achieve all this and more. Apply soon!


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