The Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham has emphisised that there is no inevitability about the region being placed into Tier 4.

At the weekly press conference the Mayor said that there was no evidence to date that the new strain of the Covid virus had yet reached the region, with the North west as a whole seeing one of the lowest increases at just one per cent of infections in the country.

However he added that there was little doubt that it will arrive but the region can be ahead of the game and be prepared.

Greater Manchester is in a different position today to much of the rest of the country, for much of the year it was in a worse position but today it is in a much better position.

We are entering he said nationwide what could possibly be the most dangerous time in this pandemic.While the virus may not pose a greater risk in its severity, it does pose a greater risk to the NHS

The Mayor confirmed that vaccinations across the region’s care homes are expected to commence in the next few weeks-and also confirms that testing centres will be open across Xmas including Xmas Day.

The Mayor also said that the region’s leaders were frustrated over the top down nature of the roll out of the vaccine with examples of the viral turning up at places where the infrastructure was not in place.

He hoped that especially when the UK vaccine gets approval, there will be a more localised approach to vaccination policy

Deputy Mayor Beverley Hughes confirmed that police will not be knocking on people’s doors to check on how people are around the Christmas table but would be clamping down on evidence of any large gatherings and confirmed that there has been intelligence that there could be some organised music events.




  1. Shame on you Andy Burnham. Everything you said when prior to your appointment you have failed on. You on your own put all Manchester residents in danger by delaying entering into T3. You are incompetent and an utter disgrace

  2. Manchesters R rate will go through the roof once the students return just as it did in August and September, these young people should be tested before they leave their family homes and return to university as it will be much easier to self isolate in the family homes rather than a small room in a complex


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