Located one and a half hours’ drive away from Manchester, or two hours via public transport, Marley joins the areas’ other Unplugged cabins, Luna and Peggy. For solo travelers, couples, as well as tired, busy and burnt-out city workers, they provide the perfect respite.

Now available for booking, Marley is situated in the picturesque Dee Valley, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. With 72 hours being the optimum, minimum time required for both their mental and physical wellbeing, guests can stay at Marley for a three-day weekend or a four day mid-week trip. 

When guests return to ‘normal life’, they improve problems associated with too much screen time, including poor sleep, brain fog and a lack of productivity, while improving their overall relationship with devices.

On arrival, guests have the option to lock their phones in a lockbox for the duration of their stay. These are swapped for an old school Nokia mobile (Snake included), an instant camera with film and a physical map to explore the area’s scenic surroundings, which includes a number of desired walking routes for both beginners and the adventurous. 

Like all of Unplugged’s cabins, each has a unique itinerary of potential activities in walking distance. For Marley, this includes a trip to Horseshoe Falls, The Cornmill – a beautiful waterside pub/restaurant in nearby Llangollen, as well as white water rafting and canoeing – courtesy of Bearded Men Adventures.

Built with comfort in mind, there’s also access to a hot shower, premium, hotel quality bedding and a fully equipped kitchen with gas hob. No Wi-Fi is available. A benefit of being in nature is that Marley’s guests can reconnect with their immediate surroundings and consequently improve their sleep, productivity and overall relationships with their devices. Marley is also dog-friendly as it’s located in a fenced enclosure. 

Entrepreneurs, friends and co-founders, Hector Hughes and Ben Elliot, are the creative visionaries behind Unplugged and created the escapes due to their own personal experiences from spending too much time behind a screen. 

Commenting on Marley’s launch, Co-founder Hector Hughes comments:

The past few years have been so exciting at Unplugged and we are delighted that the number of our beautiful cabins keeps increasing. For the past few months, we’ve been at a consistent 90+% occupancy rate, which is outstanding and demonstrates that more people today are citing ‘wellness and digital detoxes’ as their reasons for travel. This constant demand we’re seeing for digital detoxes clearly indicates that as a nation we’re spending too much time behind a screen, and are consequently burnt out as a result and here, we provide the ultimate solution.

“Marley’s location has been a part of the UK. We’ve wanted to have cabins here for a while due to its prestigious, beautiful scenery. Launching Luna and Peggy to the region was such a success and with Marley’s magnificent and impressive outdoors, we already know it’s going to be a favourite for many.”

Like all of Unplugged’s cabins, Marley is sustainably built and runs solely on solar power. The cabin is also fitted with panoramic windows immediately next to the bed, allowing guests to wake naturally, swap ‘blue light’ for ‘starlight’, and enjoy the nearby luscious, rolling green hills. 

Marley is the 18th cabin to join Unplugged’s portfolio of beautiful, idyllic escapes, with plans confirmed to expand this number to 40 in other UK locations by the end of 2023.

 All escapes are for a minimum of three nights, the optimum time for a digital detox, and start from £390 per cabin.


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