In the end you couldn’t have asked for a better day as tens of thousands of people descended on a rocking Manchester city centre for one of of the biggest days of the summer.

In a change from previous years, Manchester Day went “On Holiday” for 2023, saying goodbye to the usual parade but in its place, welcoming a host of fun, wild and wacky attractions spread throughout the city.

Whether it was taking a whirl down the helter skelter set up in the middle of Deansgate, to seeing giant snails race alongside an orang-utan in New Cathedral Street there was truly something for everyone.

To cap off the day, the all too rare British sunshine decided to make an appearance, banishing pre-event fears that attendees would have to swap their flip flops for an umbrella.

Councillor Pat Karney, Chair of Manchester Day, reflected on the day, saying: “For me Manchester Day is up there as one of the most enjoyable of the year. To see so many people, in their thousands come to the city to celebrate Manchester, to celebrate being a Mancunian, that is what it’s all about.

“I’ve seen a lot in my time as chair of Manchester Day but today has really blown me away. It’s got us thinking about how we mark the day going forwards so we’d love to hear from the public what they thought about Manchester Day – On Holiday.

“But for now, take a bow Manchester you really stole the show today.”

Councillor Yasmine Dar, Lord Mayor of Manchester said: “For me one of the best things I get to do as Lord Mayor is to be front and centre during some of the best events of the year.

“Manchester Day is always amazing, giving so many of us the chance to come into the city we love and share a joyful experience together.

“I want to extend a special thank you to our creative team at Walk the Plank who pulled out every stop this year, as well as the dozens of staff behind the scenes who put in countless hours to make this event possible.”


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