The Lowry will welcome its first ever 4D theatre show this October. Internationally acclaimed dancers Igor & Moreno will present the world premiere of Andante in Salford Thu 19 – Fri 20 October

Smoke and scent will fill the entire theatre and auditorium in Andante, taking audiences on a journey in to a haze of uncertainty, time and love.

Perfumer artist and bad boy of the perfuming world Alessandro Gaultieri has collaborated with London based dancers Igor and Moreno to create a special scent which will coat the audience as the smoke descends on them.

Andante is an Italian word meaning the ‘person who walks.’ In this production, Igor and Moreno focus on the action of walking as a metaphor for the passing of time and transform it into a dance.

The internationally acclaimed dancers invite audiences to pause and connect with their senses, similar to practicing mindfulness. To be in a room with strangers and not have to say or even see anything, Andante is a walk into the cloud of uncertainty, perception, time and imagination.

Igor Urzelai and Moreno Solinas are two London-based artists making and presenting dance performances across Europe and internationally. They first met in 2006; later they trained together at the London Contemporary Dance School (The Place) where they started collaborating. The pair make work about people and what makes us such special animals. Their work is characterised by their interest in the moving body and the immediacy of action as a vehicle for meaning, ideas and desires.

Igor Urzelai director and performer said “The less we see, the more we imagine. Scent plays an important part of our lives. In Andante we want to explore how sight and smell can become an important part of choreography.”

Claire Symonds theatres programmer and producer at The Lowry said; “Igor and Moreno are the first dance company invited to join our prestigious Developed With The Lowry programme. We have presented two of their shows to date – Idiot-Syncracy and A Room For All Our Tomorrows – and we believe there’s nobody out there making work like this company. We are delighted to have supported them making this stunning new show.”

Listings Information 
Andante presented by Igor & Moreno 
Date: Thu 19 – Fri 20 October
Time: 8pm
Tickets: £12
Warning: contains nudity throughout.
Age guidance: 14+.


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